4 Ways to Regrow Your Hair You Should Know!

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Are you the one who is facing too much hair fall? And Are you worried about losing your hair at a young age? Are you afraid of being bald? And you are always in search of remedies and tips to help you to regrow your hair.

It is important to know the reason behind the hair fall. Because sometimes when you treat the root cause behind the problem, you can see the changes. Some reasons for hair fall are;

  • poor diet and nutrition
  • dandruff
  • scalp infections
  • hormonal problems like PCOs
  • use of some medicines and treatments (chemotherapy)
  • using a shampoo containing harsh chemicals
  • too many treatments like hair dye, hair straightening,etc

Most of the people living in Pakistan are losing their hair. Both males and females are facing this problem. In men, it is due to the increase in testosterone levels. However, this article will help you to regrow your hair. Read further to understand the remedies;

1. Massage your scalp to regrow your hair


Massage your scalp to regrow your hair

Moving your finger in a circular motion on your scalp is the right way to massage. Make a habit to massage your hair with the fingertips daily under the shower. Massaging increases the blood flow towards your hair follicles that helps your hair to regrow.

It will activate the hair follicles that will make the scalp surroundings a preeminent place to regrow hair.

2. Oil massage twice a week

Oil massage for hair

Oiling on your scalp promotes healthy circulation around your hair follicles that will create an excellent environment to regrow your hair. Oil massage at least twice a week on your scalp helps to improve the blood circulation in the area on which you want to grow hair;

  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil

These oils are considered the best oil to for hair loss treatment.

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3. Use natural restorative hair masks

natural restorative hair masks

Natural hair masks are one of the healthiest ways to make your scalp healthy enough to regrow hair. A restorative or therapeutic hair mask moisturizes and stimulates the growth of hair. The natural home based products like;

  • Aloe vera
  • Egg whites
  • Honey
  • Amla
  • Shikakai
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Reetha

These are very beneficial for hair these are the herbs and masks, you can use it by making a mask, applying it on your scalp and covering it for 15-20 minutes then shampoo your hair.

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You can try the following masks by adding any of the hair nourishing herbs mentioned above:

  • Normal hair: combine aloe vera, honey and olive oil in equal quantity
  • Dry hair: combine egg white, honey and argan oil in equal quantity
  • And for oily hair: combine equal parts of honey, apple cider vinegar and castor oil.

4. Food contributes to regrow hairs

Food contributes to regrow hairs

Protein works as a building block for healthy locks. Diet with high proteins adds to regrowth of hair very fast. Protein rich foods that you can include in your diet are:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Leafy green vegetables.

Furthermore adding enough iron, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s in your diet will also help to regrow hair rapidly. Usually people think only topical application of different remedies can help them regrow their hair. But the actual situation is different. The food you eat and medications you take orally also affect your hair growth.

Remedies are good for our health and beauty. But seeking expert advice is also necessary especially when your symptoms are not improving. For getting more information to Regrow Your Hair, you can consult with dermatologists in your city at Marham.pk. 

FAQs Related To Regrowth Of Your Hair:

How can I regrow my hair?

You can regrow your hair by taking a good diet, massaging the scalp with oil, and using herbal or homemade hair masks.

Is my diet affecting my hair growth?

Yes, the nutrients present in your diet improve your hair growth.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are many causes of hair loss, like genetic reasons, hormonal problems, taking medications, poor diet and dandruff, etc.

What type of diet is good for my hair growth?

Diet full of vitamins like vegetables and protein is good for hair growth.


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