5 Incredible Benefits Of Omega-3 On Health

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Most of the fat is notorious for making you obese and is considered unhealthy but trust me you don‘t want to cut back on Omega-3 fatty acids. They are incredibly beneficial for your body and brain’s nourishment. Salmon, Cod liver oil, Oysters, Soybeans, Walnuts, Canola oil, Chia and Flax seeds etc are packed with Omega-3. Once you know its benefits we assure you that you will not leave them behind in your diet. Marham is here to provide you with the list of Incredible Benefits of Omega-3 on your health.

Classic Vision

By taking the Omega-3 rich diet, you will do a favor to your eyes. Omega 3 does wonder to the Retina of our eyes. It may save your eyes from macular degeneration; it is an irreversible loss of vision. It’s always better to consult an eye specialist for an expert opinion.

Infant brain development

Omega-3 is vital for brain development in infants. Its intake is utmost important for a pregnant woman as it can increase the intelligence of an infant, lowers the risk of growth delay, lowers the risk of ADHD and Autism. Hence getting enough Omega-3s during pregnancy is crucial for the development of the child. It’s advisable before taking any supplement to consult your gynecologist.

Mental strength

Omega-3 enriched food boosts mental strength, it nourishes brain and makes a person focus and concentrate better; reducing the chance of distorted mental ability. Research has found that people with psychiatric disorders have Low Omega-3 levels; hence its intake can improve symptoms. Always consult a psychiatrist for an expert opinion.

Strengthens Joints

Omega-3 increases the amount of Calcium in bones thus reducing the risk of Osteoporosis. Consult an Orthopedic to get Omega-3 supplements to improve your condition. It can reduce joint ache and is known to boost grip strength.

Skin Friendly

Looking to get rid of oily skin? Your answer is Omega-3, it manages oil production, hydrates skin, prevents premature aging and acne. So what are you waiting for? To get wrinkle-free, soft and fresh skin take Omega-3 enriched diet. Seek advice from skin specialist for best results.

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Amina Hameed
Amina is an MBA from Lahore school of economics who had also been a Former Cultural ambassador of Pakistan (USEFP). Amina writes to throw a light on the importance of healthcare system in Pakistan. She is indeed a passionate writer when comes to health, fitness and lifestyle.

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