5 Recommendations For Giving Support To Your Employees During Ramadan

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Employers Should Observe Equality In The Religious Diversity Among Their Employees.

A work-place should be designed with a sense of belonging for the employees. You’ll find varying religious diversity in different work places. So it makes a lot of sense that the employers must be aware of the basics of different religions present among their employees.

For Muslim workers, the holy month of Ramadan holds extreme importance. It’s necessary for the employers to consider the alterations they would need to make for Muslim workers. Moreover, they should try to make effort on how they may support their employees in Ramadan. You can also book best nutritionist in Pakistan through Marham.pk

Following are 5 effective tips to help your Muslim workers in Ramadan:

1. Observance Of Ramadan

You should educate yourself and all the staff members about Ramadan. It’s important to discuss the temporary allowances Muslim workers would be given during the holy month. Religious observance proves to be really helpful in establishing respect and understanding for different beliefs. It also prevents religious discrimination and non-cooperation among the Workers.

Help employees in Ramadan
Help employees in Ramadan

2. Be Patient When Your Employees Show Low Productivity

Most of the employees fast during Ramadan. So it’s really obvious that their stamina would get lower than what they usually have. Your employees will show less productivity, especially to the latter part of the day. You should show tolerance to them and avoid criticizing or penalizing them. They have to work on a very limited amount of energy so be patient with them.

3. Allow Them More Short Breaks

Employees who fast have very restricted energy levels. They quickly become exhausted both mentally and physically. It’ll help a lot if you allow them to have short breaks more often. Frequent breaks will ease their headaches and help them to recharge a bit. Fasting often causes headaches and dehydration due to lack of body fuel.

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4. Figure Out A Way To Manage Leave Requests For Eid

Be prepare to get a lot of leave requests around Eid. Though Eid holidays are official in Pakistan, many employees often request more days off. Workers who come from different cities will request early leaves so that they can celebrate Eid with their family and friends. You should consider their request carefully before making a decision. Be supportive and cooperative with them. If it’s not possible to allow early leaves, then politely decline by giving them solid reasons.

5. Carefully Consider The Time Schedule And Arrangement For Meetings And Training Workshops

You may find that employees who observe fast will be reluctant to attend meetings and workshops. You should be careful while considering the employee’s excuse from such sessions. It will be helpful for the workers if the meeting or training session is scheduled in early hours of the day. Also take note of the arrangement of the session. For example, it will make the fasting employees uncomfortable if food is being served to non-fasters in their presence. You can also book best nutritionist in Karachi through Marham.pk

Help employees in Ramadan
Help employees in Ramadan

A good workplace ensures good care of its staff. It’s essential to give support and understanding to your employees when they need it. This eliminates conflicts and promotes effective teamwork.

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