5 Ways For Effective Stress Management

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Living in today’s world is difficult. During the last year of 2020, people suffer from different problems that increase mental stress in them. Juggling with an unending list of tasks that suck the soul right out of our body and leaves but a well-oiled machine. Everyone is now seeking easy and effective ways of stress management.

A recent research study revealed that there is nerve damage associated with each moment that we spend under stress broiler. However, we are physically and mentally capable of bearing the pain at a younger age, regardless of the ensuing damage to our brains. However, as we grow older, this pain starts to take its toll. We not only feel mentally exhausted but physically tired. Most of us are unable to describe this chronic tiredness and continue to push their bodies. And just like that stress takes from us, one day at a time.

It is not only important to sort the mental pressures cramming our already filled-to-the-brim brains but also to be able to fight them off in a healthy way. Here’s a list of activities that can help you take the edge off and be able to give yourself and your brain some much needed R&R.

5 Effective Ways Of Stress Management:

Physical Meditation:

Engage in physical meditation for effective stress management

The yogis of India and the Buddhists of Asia alike have long since relied on and advocated meditation as a way not only to achieve spiritual awareness and inner peace, but to heal the body and mind from everyday stress. It doesn’t just restore physical vigor but also grants relaxation to the mind and rejuvenates it to cope with our daily battles. Physical meditation affects your body, mind, and soul at the same time. You focus on your breathing, sitting posture, body muscles, and peace of mind at the same time. In this way, physical meditation helps in relieving stress.

Visual Meditation:

In a day full of endless tasks and end-to-end meetings with no time to relax or even grab a bite of that yummy lunch you made for yourself, there has got to be some way you could rest your eyes and brain to feel powered up again. When you know you are going to crash mentally or physically during the day, you have got to stop for 5 minutes, put everything on standby and recharge yourself. How hard can it be, its just 5 minutes right? What you need to do is close your eyes and imagine a beautiful and calm place, one that reminds you what peace really means, and there you have it! A relaxed and re-energized brain back on duty for a productive day. And that’s the perfect way of stress management. 


Engage in music for effective stress management

It is not hard to believe that music should have an important role as a de-stressor. Research shows that calming and soothing music can not only motivate you to relax your brain and take a brief break every once in a while but also get you motivated to get work done! There is a reason why people started listening to Coke Studio when it came out for the first time; it was a crisp fusion of soulful yet upbeat as well as an invigorating mix of music very well made for our stressed nerves. Sometimes you like to listen to soft and calm music. But in other days you like to listen to hip-hop music to refresh your mind. So it totally depends on your mood.

Eating Right:

For some people, music and a visual meditation is a no-go. They simply cannot imagine wasting their time after a few tunes or an imaginary happy place (super sad to hear by the way). For such people, mindful snacking might do the trick! Many of the doctors agree that since we are so busy going through the days of our lives, we forget what each part of it feels like. Lunch time is filled with the same idea. People munch on food with the speed of light to just be done with it and move on to the next task, which is really not so helpful at all.

Instead, we should all aim to enjoy the food that our mothers or wives (or you, because you’re a strong independent person) prepared; focusing on the fireworks exploding in our mouths and that mouthwatering aroma which not only gets the juices flowing but soothes our nerves too. Enjoying these little experiences works wonders as a de-stressor and really puts everything into perspective because let’s face it, what are we if we can’t even enjoy that perfect grilled-cheese. Eating habits influence not only physical health but also your mental health. Thats why it is important to make the right choices for your lifestyle.

Jogging in the Park:

Engage in jogging in the park for effective stress management

Our work life is not the only ingredient for stress in our life. A dash of family drama, a hint of relationship trouble and voila-perfect stress flambé. With the increasing rate at which smoking is taken as a habit, it is plain to see how we’re grasping at straws for a few ‘feel good’ moments but at what cost? Our lives?

Instead, the researchers at American Heart Association, were able to show that a brisk-walk or jog in the park can produce the same chemicals (and a few) and make you feel better in the worst of situations and give you a fresh perspective on life, not to mention that physical definition that you’ve been dreaming about. Cheers!

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