Chronic Constipation Causes and 7 Symptoms

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Constipation is a common problem in people it is a condition, not a disease. You will feel less number of bowel movements, feces will be dry reduced and comes with effort. If you have this condition for more than 5 or 6 months than it is chronic constipation. In this case, you might need to find and consult with the best stomach specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan. can help you with this search.

Symptoms Of Chronic Constipation:

There are a few signs and symptoms of chronic constipation:

  1. You pass fewer stools and it can be less than 4 or 5 a week.
  2. Your stool is of hard and lumpy type.
  3. You put a lot of effort to have bowel movements and even after passing stool you are not comfortable.
  4. You may feel a blockage at the end of the rectum or something stuck inside rectum which is preventing the stool to pass out.
  5. If you pass stool you still feel it is not completely out of your rectum and there is a feeling of discomfort.
  6. Sometimes it is too difficult to pass out stool that you press your abdomen to increase pressure.
  7. If you are facing two or three of the above symptoms then you are suffering from chronic constipation.
    chronic constipation- symptoms

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Causes Of Chronic Constipation:

  • It will occur when stool will move too slowly in the digestive tract and becomes hard to pass out. It has many possible causes.
  • You might be facing the problem of anal fissure.
  • If you are suffering from colon cancer it will also result in chronic constipation.
  • It happens sometimes due to rectal cancer too. There is a condition where rectum swells it also causes chronic constipation.

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Visit A Doctor:

If this condition remains persistent and you see no change and relief from pain than make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Treatment Of Chronic Constipation:

According to the severity of your condition, you will be provided with drug therapy, biofeedback training, and surgery if the condition is worst it will restore your defecation physiology. You will be advised to check your eating habits. Fiber and water are very helpful in this condition to increase activity and avoid strong defecation. Surgery is not the only option for chronic constipation medications also has great benefits.

Prevention is always better than cure. Maintain a good active lifestyle and healthy dietary practices will keep you safe from constipation and many other ailments as well.

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