Do You Want To Regain That Younger Looking Skin?

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As the largest organ and the covering shield of the body, the skin is responsible for protection, maintaining a constant temperature and allowing the sense of touch. In addition, it provides a beautiful outlook to all creatures. But being so good is not good for itself. As an outer covering, the skin is exposed to pollutants, toxins and harmful rays. In the result of all, it loses elasticity, strength, and health with age and exposure to harmful toxins. The skin has a natural ability to repair and regenerate due to which most of us do not feel the bad effects. Do you know how it happens? Here is the answer.

Natural Skin Regeneration:

Naturally, the skin has the potency to regenerate and the new cells take the place of older ones in the duration of 27 days.
skin regeneration
A healthy diet enriched with vitamins especially vitamin C, A and E, moisturizing, cleansing and soft massage arms up this revitalizing ability of skin and you present a shiny glowing skin. To consult the best dietitian in Islamabad for an appropriate diet for healthy skin or to find the best skin doctor in Islamabad just take a visit to With adding years, due to harsh environmental factors or some mishap like burning skin loses its tendency of regeneration or loses pace. But still, hope is there.

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Plasma Skin Resurfacing:

Maybe you are unaware of it but it is to serve you. Plasma skin resurfacing uses plasma to deliver heat to a targeted area to achieve skin rejuvenation without affecting the surrounding tissues.
plasma resurfacing
An ultra-high frequency generator converts inert nitrogen gas into activated ionized gas, which is called plasma. High energy treatments are used to achieve the aims of skin tightening and skin contouring, while lower energy treatments are used to vanish the early signs of aging including age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. A full face, high energy plasma skin resurfacing treatment costs approximately £3,000, with a low energy version priced at approximately £900.

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The technology works wonder indeed. You can take advantage of it without questioning it as all are quite safe, but first, try the natural options like a healthy diet.

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