5 Exercises to Relieve Back and Hip Arthritis Pain

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“Our core muscles inside & out of our tummy and behind contributes to strength and balance for our entire body. So, we should keep them healthy and pliable because it plays a significant role in protecting and supporting our joints, especially the joints of back and hips.”
-Dr. M . A Wajid – Orthopedic Surgeon

What Causes Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be caused by various conditions. A condition that discussed often is ‘rheumatoid arthritis’. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the synovial lining, which produces synovial fluid. This is an autoimmune disease, in other words, the body is mistaking its own parts as things it needs to attack. It forms immune-globulins that attack and causes damage to the body. The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include inflammation and swelling of the synovial tissue, the joints may become painful, stiff, and swollen.

While taking an exclusive interview with the renowned Orthopedic Surgeon at MARHAM, Dr. M. A Wajid is currently practicing in Lahore & serving his patients for over 20 years. He acquainted,

“Joint pain can be caused by wearing down of the cartilage called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common condition that causes joint pain. Some other reasons of joint pain may include the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, and the bursa. It is important to realize that all of these structures work together as a unit to allow for joint motion. When a problem occurs in one area, it can often have a cascade effect on other areas too. For example, if you have arthritis and you start developing a limp because of the pain associated with the arthritic condition, you may start to put stress on your tendons, muscles, and ligaments not only in that specific joint but, also in joints of adjacent areas. This is why, it is very important that when you have pain you should get it addressed sooner rather than later because of this domino effect, the pain in one area can cause pain in another area that could have been avoided & had the primary area been treated.”

He added that, when you combine core-building exercises into your daily routine, it means that you are preparing your body to entrust more on the muscles & joints to support your body weight and its movement, which may haul pressure off painful joints. Below are 5 exercises that can help you stretch and build up the muscles of your body.

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Floor Exercises For Your Core Muscles

The subsequent exercises will bolster & strengthen your lower back, abdomen, and pelvic floor muscles. These specific areas may not get much use during our daily activities, so these targeted exercises are useful for these muscle groups.

Gymnastic Bridge

    • For this exercise called the Gymnastic or hover/abdominal bridge, recline on your back on a flat floor, with your knees bent and arms by your sides.
    • Then slowly raise your hips off the floor, until your body is straight or in an inclined position from your knees to the shoulders.
    • Continue this bridge for 8 to 10 seconds, then slowly lower down to starting position.

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Lying March

    • This one is very easy. For this, you may need to lie on your back on the floor that is flat, with your knees bent and arms by your sides.
    • Then tighten your muscles of the stomach and slowly raise your leg 2 to 4 inches from the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly lower it.
    • 30 seconds ‘March’ exercise is enough by alternating legs for good 2 to 3 repetition.

Planking Position

    • For this exercise, start with your hands and knees on the exercise mat and your back straight, this will give pressure on your knees & hands.
    • Now raise each leg off the floor and behind you, with your knee slightly bent and there should be no arch in the back or neck area.
    • Hold this planking position for 4 to 6 seconds, then slowly lower to starting position.

Using An Exercise Ball For Powerful Core Muscles

The subsequent exercises involve an exercise ball, usually, pregnant women use it for relieving their back pains & some women reported it as an aid exercise prop while they suffered postpartum body aches. You can find exercise balls easily at gyms or available in many stores that sell sporting goods. Beginners prefer & may find it easier to use a slightly deflated or punctured ball.

Marching On The Ball

“Marching on the Ball” exercise is an easy & soothing exercise for your body, & require no such effort that brings soreness or pain in your core muscles.

    • For this exercise, you have to sit on the exercise ball with your feet in front of your shoulder & aligned, they should be width apart and flat on the ground.
    • Then slowly, lift one heel while keeping your toes on the ground.
    • You should hold this marching position for a few seconds and then put that foot back on the floor & do the same for another side. Repeat for 10 to 15 minutes.

Half Crunch On The Ball

Personally, I love to do this exercise whenever I feel back or hip pain, this makes me fresh physically & pain-free. Everyone, who is reading should definitely try this & make your habit to do this & all other exercises I mentioned in this article.

    • For a Half crunch exercise, you’ll all have to do is to sit on your exercise ball with your feet flat on the ground and your arms crossed over your chest or on your hips.
    • Lean back or bend at a 45-Degree Angle, Now bend at your hips & raise-up on your toes without moving your feet.
    • You can use your abdominal muscles to pull yourself back up into a sitting position without lifting your feet, then rock forward into a flat-footed position. Repeat this position 5 times. Dr. M.A Wajid also explained that,

“We’re looking at the entire gait cycle to make sure that the biomechanics are as good as possible. Along the ways like physical therapies and these exercises, sometimes we prefer giving oral medications in order to help with the pain of osteoarthritis. It is not only going to fix the hip osteoarthritis, but it can help alleviate the symptoms, while we are going about addressing the biomechanics. Within physical therapy, there are many passive modalities like ultrasounds, soft tissue massage, and TENS units, which help to alleviate the symptoms in the moment and also ideally help to alleviate some of the inflammation in the joint.”

It was wonderful talking with Dr. M. A Wajid. You can also meet at ‘National Hospital’ or consult by getting an online appointment with Dr. M. A Wajid. So, what are you waiting for? Book your online appointment today!

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