The Ultimate List Of “Healthy Foods For Eid Ul Adha”

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With only two days left in the meaty eid, you must be deciding a mighty menu for the mighty dinner you are to host. Keep in mind that you need to keep your dinners a little less mighty this eid, as the covid-19 delta variant is spreading like wildfire. You only have to limit the mightiness of your dinner, not the meatiness. As a nutritionist, I might not be able to suggest a suitable table etiquette, but I sure can suggest all the healthy foods for Eid ul Adha that you must serve your guests. So keep your knives and forks ready and dig into all the healthy foods for Eid ul Adha, you can serve your guests.

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No doubt that bari eid comes with a fair share of laughter and joy, but for most, it also comes with heartburn, loose bowel, acidity and weight gain. Sorry to say that you bring this upon yourself. Only if you be a little more conscious of what you eat when you eat, how much you eat and how you eat you can enjoy all you want but not at the cost of your health. Being a little more careful can let you enjoy all the meaty gifts of this meaty eid without paying a huge price for it.

Healthy Foods For Eid

Here we have compiled a list of all the healthy foods for eid that you can enjoy without making your waistline, stomach, and heart pay for it.

1. Barbecue

Barbecue is as healthy as it gets if you are a meat lover, making it stand on top of the “healthy foods this Eid ul Adha” list. It gives you the juiciest bites with the crunchiest crust and minimal calories. Barbecue can be your best friend this eid if you are on a weight loss diet. Simple changes like using less oil to brush up the meat and not burning the outsides to make it crunchier can make it even healthy.

Barbecue is usually served with mint yoghurt and salad, both of which are quite healthy. Substitutetute your paratha with a roti. It is even better to go for whole grain roti. If you are on a low carb diet like keto, you are advised to skimp on it altogether. To give yourself something refreshing, you can go for a limited amount of soda. If you are seeking weight loss or are diabetic, it is better to stick to zero-calorie and zero sugar sodas.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

2. Kaleji

Either you love kaleji, or you hate it; there is no in-between. No matter which side you are on, you can not deny the amazing health benefits it provides. The liver is one of the greatest animal-based sources of vitamin A. A single serving of beef liver has more than 100% of your daily vitamin A needs. Vitamin A supplementation has been associated with a decreased risk of diseases such as cataracts and breast cancer.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

3. Brain Masala

What a teat t is to have the spiciest brain masala, with garam garam tandoori roti and a glass of chilled soda? Only if it could come with some health benefits? To your luck, it does, making it stand in the “healthy foods for Eid ul Adha” list. Although organ meats are generally considered unhealthy, they do have undeniable health benefits too. Brain meat is high in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. It contains Phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine, both of which are beneficial to the nervous system. Antioxidants derived from brain meat can also help preserve the human brain and spinal cord from harm.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

4. Hunter Beef

On the list of the “healthy foods for Eid ul Adha”, this one might cater to most. It is a Pakistani take on dried salted beef or corn beef. Hunter beef is probably the least fatty dish you can have this eid. There is one downside to it; you may not be able to have it on eid day, as it requires a whole week of preparation. But once you have it, it can be your friend on the go. Throw a slice in your diet sandwich, or fry it in butter to go with your keto diet.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

5. Camel Meat

Not everyone slaughters camel, but you may receive the meat from somewhere. Use that meat to add something to your health. Camel meat is high in vitamins, including vitamin B complex and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Camel meat also has a lower amount of cholesterol (61 mg) than other farm animals, such as beef (75-86 mg), making it a nutritious meal for humans.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

6. Paaye

Where would you find yourself a nutritious that would recommend you to eat paaye? Well, it’s eid and a little adventure cause no harm. Still, keep in mind that paaye make it to the very end of the “healthy foods for Eid ul Adha” list. Only if you tweak your recipe a little and let the paaya itself show its nutrition you can reap maximum health benefits from this dish. The most healthy ingredient in paaye is the bone marrow or the gooda in it.

Bone marrow contains stem cells known as myeloid and lymphoid that helps clotting and provides oxygen to the cells. It can also eradicate inflammatory conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and leaky gut syndrome.

One thing that can turn the tables and make paaye the worse enemy of your health is the buckets of oil you add to it. Only if you stop adding the extra fat you can enjoy your favourite siri paye this eid.

healthy foods for eid ul adha

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The Final Verdict

Depending on how you prepare your food and what you pair it with, all your eid specials can be added to the “healthy foods for Eid ul Adha” list, with some exceptions, of course. Keep in mind that this is a general rule for generally healthy people. People with special dietary requirements will have to follow their regime because no food is tasty enough to risk your health for. To stick to your diet and still enjoy the bounties of eid, you will have to stick to our list of “healthy foods for Eid ul Adha” and consult the best nutritionist in Pakistan, who will further assist you in maintaining perfect health.


1. Can heart patients have beef?

Heart patients can have beef but in very limited quantities.

2. Is it fine to use spices to cook meat?

using species is fine as long as they are not too much and cause acidity and heartburn.

3. Can you eat meat on a weight loss diet?

You can have meat on your weight loss diet. If you are on a keto diet, go for fatty meat and use extra fat to cook it. If you are on a calorie and fat-restricted diet, go for lean pieces.

4. Is mutton raan healthy?

Mutton raan can be quite healthy, if you bake it in a bhatti or oven, or steam it well.

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