Who Is Most At Risk Of Getting Skin Cancer?

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Anything that affects a person’s chance of getting any diseases is a risk factor. There are more than 100 types of cancers and all of them have different risk factors. Some risk factors can be controlled such as smoking while others like a person’s age or family history can’t be changed. But just having one or even more risk factors doesn’t mean you will get the disease at some stage of your life. In fact, sometimes many people who get the disease may not have had any known risk factors. However, many experts suggest that still; it is good to know about your risk factors for getting any disease. So, here are some common risk factors for skin cancer that you need to know.

1.Ultraviolet (UV) Light:

Ultraviolet radiation is the main culprit behind skin cancer whereas sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet radiation. The UV light is known as the major risk factor for most skin cancers as it damages the genes in your skin cells. People with high levels of exposure to the sun and who spend a lot of time outdoors without covering their skin are at high risk of getting skin cancer.

2.Fair Complexion Or Skin:

Almost everyone wants fair complexion but you have no idea how it can become alarming for anyone. Yes! People with fair skin that freckles and burns easily are at high risk of getting skin cancer. People with dark skin have more melanin that’s why the risk of skin cancer is much higher for whites than dark-skinned people.

3.Older age:

As they say “age is just a number” but in some cases, it is a lot more than a number. For example, the risk of basal and squamous cell skin cancers goes up as people get older. However, older people like to get exposed to the sun which also makes them more prone to get skin cancer.

4.Weakened Immune System:

Your immune system is your defense system when it gets weakened then definitely it has an impact on your overall wellbeing. This is the reason why people with a weak immune system are more likely to develop non0melonoma skin cancer. Moreover, you can also visit Marham.pk where you can get an online consultation with the best oncologist in Karachi.


You have no idea how many ways smoking affects your health. If you think it is only bad for your lungs then please know that it is also a risk factor for squamous cell skin cancer. Next time think twice before buying a pack of cigarette.

It is always best to consult with the specialist because prevention is better than treatment. Your doctor will guide you better how can you avoid these risk factors and what lifestyle changes you need to be made in order to keep yourself away from diseases.

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