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Talk to General Practitioner on High SGPT


Asking For Self, Male 29, muride wala, Faisalabad

Dear sir, kimdy suggest any medication to cure high SGPT. I have gone through lab tests twice from same lab to compare any differance. In old ones, triglycerides were 208 and SGPT was 84 But this fresh report shows decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides but SGPT went so high. Kindly suggest. Thank you

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Anum Sarwat

Dr. Anum Sarwat - General Practitioner

MBBS, D.F.M (Diploma Family Medicine) | Karachi


3 Positive Reviews

kindly book an appoinment for online consultation.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Lokesh Maheshwari

Dr. Lokesh Maheshwari - General Practitioner

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Cont | Karachi


2 Positive Reviews

You’ve to book an appointment for consultation. As first step will be to look for the cause of raised SGPT

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Rehman Rasheed

SGPT is a liver enzyme, it increases when liver tissues are damaged , please do get an ultrasound of liver and gallbladder. If your ultrasound is fine than you have to go for tests for hepatitis, there is no specific medicine which reduce your SGPT until the basic cause is eradicated

General Practitioner in Rawalpindi - Dr. Muhammad Ali

Dr. Muhammad Ali - General Practitioner

MBBS | Rawalpindi


21 Positive Reviews

book an online appointment for detailed consultation

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Ali Umair

Have an anti-hcv, HbsAg, serum albumin and ultrasound abdomen done first to find cause of raised SGPT. Then specific management will be done to normalize levels.

General Practitioner in Multan - Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Iqbal

Its Enzyme that increase in liver damage Or heart attack,if they are obese then reduce weight or drinking alcohol Then they should quit,Daily exercise is beneficial for them, Sunlight is main medication for Reduce this Enzyme and Take Vit D supplement,Vit E(Evion 400mg) in hepatotoxin poisoning..Then for complete checkup Book appointment At our medical center

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