Hepatitis C


It can be possible that the Hepatitis C is treated without using a Vaccines or medicen if the range of hepatitis is 3.94 according to nayab lab my mother is hepatitis C patient she is not using any vaccines or medicen she is just taking herbal medicen can it be treated properly


There is no vaccine available for hepatitis-C so far..
The only way is to treat it when someone gets hepatitis-c..
The range you mentioned has nothing to do with the disease activity and most likely its based on ELISA which is being used by quacks and herbalist to make fool of patients...
All you need is to get your patient examined by a physician and have some tests done so that proper and effective treatment can b started..
Hepatiis -C is a treatable disease..
Much needed tests required before starting therapy are
PCR for HCV RNA ( quantitative & genotyping)
Ultrasound for liver status

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