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I\m having some troubles for quite a time. it feels like mental stress, depression or anxiety. Whom should i consult? Psychiatrist? Psychologist? Therapist? or any other professional? I don't know much difference. Please suggest me some professional in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Thankyou.


Sadaf Inayat

Hi! If you are unable to deal with daily life stress and having any of the following symptoms like restlesness, sadness, changes in sleep patterns, apetite loss/sudden increase in apetite ,lithargy,lack of pleasure, lack of intetrest and concentration since past a few weeks then you better go to a psychiatris/psychologist. They'd diagnose your problem and may be there is of medication and therapy both. So you better visit both of them. Psychiatrist would diagnose your problem and prescribe you medication whereas psychologist can also diagnose your problem and will provide you therapy.

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