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Talk to Liver Transplant Surgeon on My Father Has Liver Cancer And Our Consultant Doc Advised Us To Ask For A Transplant.


Asking For Father, Male 62, toba tek singh

I just want to ask that at the age of 62 years old is it possible that I can transplant the liver? and want to ask about the cost of it.

our consultant doc said to me that your father has cancer in overall liver.

Member of Marham-Forum

thankyou very mich for teaching out.
LIVER transplant Surgery is complex of
1. patient disease assessment, stage of disease, other issues ; diabetes, hypertensive, cardiac problems, previois surgery etc.
2. Full function evaluation of patient; to asses if he would tolerate surgery physically or not.
AGE is only important in such scenarios, where the functional potential is at question. We have transplanted patients above 75 and also rejected pateint in their 50's as they would not tolerate surgery itself.

i would l8ke t9 suggest you t9 k8ndly pay a visit t9 Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Islamabad at your earliest, so that we may answer your quarries in much details and give you more substanial evaluation of your father.
the cost of procedure is around 3.8 Million which cheapest in comparison to Shifa or others.
this includes surgery and stay post operatively and doesnot include the initial amount of tests and evaluation done on patient and potential donor.

I wish the best f9r your father.
Incase of any further querries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Member of Marham-Forum

my cell number is 042-32591427, 94

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