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Asking for Other, Female, 1 years old, Karachi

Please doctors help when my child was 9 months old she has this urinary infection she got blood in her urine got her tests done which showed interococcus bacterial infection i got her lfts ultrasound urine dr and cs done attaching all the old and new reports i gave her fosfoymcin medicine after which her reports were clear now after 3 months again she got blood in her urine i got her urine dr done the report says she has amphorous crystals can you please further guide me why is this so why is she having infection again and again she was having a lot of cherries from the past few days please suggest what should i do i a not giving him cherries anymore no more meat i have visited the general physician and he have given me now cranmax and calamox now please help i am really worried her culture report will come after two days should i repeat her ultrasound again and is this all effecting her kidney and liver because she is also passing a very less amount of urine and was having 102fever ha

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Dear mother , you don’t need to repeat the ultrasound at this time. With 102 fever she is probably having a febrile UTI. She might need an admission to a hospital and some IV antibiotics. Once here fever settles down we need to get a dye test to see if there is urine going back up to her kidneys from her bladder, which in a normal kid should not go back up.

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