10 Child Issues Parent Face After Their First Child!

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The tiniest humans, yes your newborn baby can create big challenges for you. Marham recently asked new-moms on their first child, what their toughest problems were. Including dilemmas with breastfeeding, work, handling annoying pieces of advice and losing the baby weight. A number of emotional problems can arise when you are pregnant or have had a baby. Here are their best strategies for coping with each one.

Unexpected Realities:

After bringing home a new baby, it can be a real shock and you find your life has dramatically changed. It is the unrealistic expectations surrounding childbirth and child-rearing that can create stress, especially for new mothers.

Five key challenges new parents may face following the birth of their first child.

    • Not enough sleep for the parents
    • Sleeping and settling for the baby
    • Feeding the baby
    • Recovering from childbirth
    • Coping with the ongoing care of other children.

We have offered some tips to help you face these hurdles head-on and bounce back to enjoy your new baby. Feel free consult Best Pediatrics on our Forum for your Child concerns.

Struggle with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not a cakewalk for every woman, despite what the books, blogs, mommy groups, or message boards advertised. It is absolutely worth the effort required, and the benefits to both mom and baby are boundless. However, there are momentous issues which can complicate this breastfeeding journey. Many new moms struggle with nipple sensitivity and extreme pain that comes with a new baby latching on for what seems like 22 out of 24 hours each day.

Lactation consultants are often ambitious to tell breastfeeding moms that there should be little to no pain if a baby is latching properly, but the fact of the matter is, a new mom’s nipples are not familiarized to the sudden and intense action they receive upon birth. Regardless of a woman’s sensitivity levels, there will be an adaptation period. If breastfeeding isn’t going well, get help from a gynecologist near you or another mom who has nursed her kids. She may have some suggestions that will make things better. Give yourself the goal of sticking with it for at least a month, since it can take this long to get the timing and positioning down & breastfeeding will feel like second nature as expected.

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Do Not Forget To Live The Moment:

One of the most important things many parents will face as they begin life with their baby is simply relaxing and living in the moment. Many new moms report feeling like they are always anticipating & thinking that, If her child wakes from a nap, instead of sitting and soaking in the coo’s and cuddles, their mind is already plotting the next bottle, diaper change, or activity with their newborn. Moms also express feeling as though they hurdle through each moment.

In reality, when home with a newborn, time seems to slow to a crawl. The hours baby spend is like, life feels as though it will never return to normal. The newborn period is fast, so fast, and the problems associated with, are fleeting & fading as well. So, Enjoy the moment!

Sleepless Nights:

There is no magic way to get a baby to nod off. But, you cannot rule when and how much your baby will sleep, you can create conditions that encourage sleep and provide cues.

Create a Bedtime Ritual:

Babies need routine. Infants who go to bed at a reasonably consistent time each night usually have less trouble falling asleep. If your baby has difficulty in sleeping, a warm bath or a soothing massage before bedtime may help relax him.

Another Way is Breast-Feed:

Breastfeed or bottle-feed him until he drifts off. But to prevent tooth decay and possible ear infections, do not let your infant fall asleep with the bottle in his mouth. Once your child is sleeping, you can safely deposit him in bed.

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Try Different Sleeping Arrangements:

You can move your newborn’s crib next to your bed or buy a crib that attaches to the side of your bed. Try various different sleeping positions for your baby. The idea is to comfort your baby before you and he is fully awake.

Look For Possible Reasons of Sleep Trouble:

When your infant wakes up crying or changing does not comfort him, check for ill-fitting sleepwear, a stuffy nose, a room that is too hot or too cold, or nasal irritants, such as cigarette smokes, animal dander, or dust. All of these factors can contribute to waking. If eliminating them does not help, discuss possible medical issues for evaluation of reflux, food or milk allergies, or ear infections, with the doctor near you.

Baby Gas:

Gas in a newborn baby is very common & emotionally painful for parents. Their tiny digestive systems are processing in new and incredible ways every minute. Newborn babies tend to pass gas often. Trapped gas can be very painful, and the baby will face the problem of discomfort and painful as the parents may sort out dairy sensitivities, allergies, and common causes of excessive gas. There are numerous tips for preventing and treating gas pain in newborns. Below are some common New-Mom Concerns-

Will I Spoil My Baby if I Pick Her Up Every Time He/She Cries?

It is best to not let your baby cry it out. Crying is her language, he/she will use it to speak, not manipulate. In fact, researchers believe that the idea of holding baby plenty or responding promptly to his/her cries makes her clingy and dependent. In one study of mother-infant pairs, a number of the mothers responded quickly and fondly once their babies cried. However, that does not mean that you just ought to respond straight off to each squeak. As your baby gets older, your reaction time will lengthen. once she is six months previous, you will use encouraging visual communication and sit down with her before scooping her up once she fusses. By delaying, you will facilitate her to find out how to appease herself.

My Baby Often Gets Sick. How Can I Keep Her Healthy?

During the 2 years before their system absolutely develops, most babies get a minimum of 3 metabolic process sicknesses and a handful of diarrhea-inducing internal organ infections. You will be able to reduce the frequency and severity of illness within the following ways-

Breastfeed Your Baby As Long As You Can:

Breastfed babies get fewer colds, ear infections, and internal organ bugs. And once breastfed infants do come back down with these sicknesses, they are less severe.

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Keep your baby’s nose clear.

If your infant’s nose is clogged, place un-medicated saline nasal drops in her nostrils, or you can take your baby into the toilet, run a heat shower, and let her inhale the steam.

Keep your baby’s sleeping setting as clean as you can.

Take away dirt collectors like stuffed animals from the nursery and avoid using a product like paint, aerosols, perfumes, and hair sprays close to your baby.

Take your baby to your medical specialist-

Your doctor can provide your kid immunizations. Staying on schedule for vaccines is the easiest method to shield your baby’s health.

How can I be sure that my newborn is getting adequate nutrition?

In the initial few weeks, it is exhausting to inform if your baby is obtaining enough milk, thus, see your pediatrician to trace weight gain.

The breastfed infant.

By regarding one week elderly, a well-fed breastfed baby can have six to eight wet diapers per day and 3 or four with stool. If you are feeling your baby suck smartly, hear her swallowing, feel your milk movement and see your baby drifting contentedly off to sleep, SO she is well nourished.

The bottle-fed infant:

It is very easy to say that if a bottle-fed baby is well nourished. Several newborns might solely take a pair of two to three ounces at every feeding for the primary week. However, by one month, most infants are up to three to four ounces at every feeding.

My baby doesn’t reach his motor milestones as quickly as other infants do. Should I be worried?

Milestones are not a sign of a baby’s intelligence or a badge of fine parenting. In fact, the age at which a toddler reaches a milestone is not as necessary as his progression through organic process steps. as an example, most babies move from sitting to actuation themselves up to standing to walking, nonetheless, every child could reach these milestones at a unique age. As long as your kid is progressing and your doctor is not upset, there is not any reason for you to be worried.

How will I know if I am a good parent?

The key attribute of an honest parent is responsiveness. If you are attentive to your baby’s cues, albeit you typically cannot work out what he desires or desires, you are an adequate parent, as long as you care and take a look at. My recommendation is to relax and ease and have faith in yourself. To your child, you are the foremost rattling person within the whole world, and that is good enough. For any child issues, Consult the Best Pediatrics in LahoreKarachi or any other main city of Pakistan^_^

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