3 Reasons of Bad Breath and What you Can Do to Stop it

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Reasons of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem which should be dealt urgently. Have you ever wondered that why do you have bad breath even if you are doing everything right? Yes, it is a severe matter, and you should know the reasons of its occurring.
These causes are discussed as following;

1. Cavities in your teeth
Cavities in teeth

The name suggests it means that some cavities occur in your mouth. These cavities are home to many harmful bacteria. That bacteria is generated by the food left in between your teeth. Cavities in your mouth is a common reason for bad breath in individuals. However, proper cleaning of the teeth should be taken into consideration. Consult with dentist and get those cavities filled. These cavities cannot be ignored.

2. Bacteria on the tongue

Bacteria on the tongue

Your tongue can invite a large number of bacteria which leads to bad breath. It happens when you don’t clean your tongue while cleaning your teeth. Not brushing your teeth is very dangerous because your health depends on it. The same bacteria enters into your body and can lead to numerous diseases.

The remedy is to consult with your doctor to get the right mouthwash. Mouthwash will help you to reach the places where your brush doesn’t reach.

3. Dry mouth

Dry mouth

It is an illness that effects the saliva and it stops the production of saliva as well. The lack of saliva in the mouth makes it difficult for the person to swallow food. Saliva also works as a cleaner. It cleans the teeth and the cavities. Without any natural cleaners in the mouth, the teeth become unsafe. The teeth get stained and the mouth become home to different bacteria’s which are not got for a person’s health.

These are few issues that lead to bad breath. If these are addressed in time, you would be saved from this problem. Bad breath is a common problem and should not be ignored. Not only it problematic on ethical grounds, in fact it ca be a serious health problem or some symptom. So, kindly find the nearest doctor on www.marham.pk for a quick check up.

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