Almost Ready To Roll Out COVID19 Vaccine In September

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In the times now, all we want is to get a COVID19 vaccine as soon as possible. So, we can go out, meet our people, have get togethers and also attend as many concerts and events we can. We are out here enjoying and also demanding to get a vaccine but little do we know how hard the scientists and doctors are trying to get us a cure. Similarly, as there are trials going on around the world, a British pharma company has announced that we might get a vaccine around September!. Here are the details

Why Are We Hearing About A Vaccine?

According to a report from London, the chief executive of a British company AstraZeneca mentioned that he and his company are on track to roll out around two billion doses of a COVID19 vaccine in September. Only if the ongoing trials are successful. AstraZeneca had partnered up Oxford University and are now waiting for final regulatory approval.

The officials of this pharma company say that they are getting the doses ready so they can make it available as soon as it gets approved and is successful. It is said that they are working on the data which will be completed by the end of August and in September we’ll have a complete picture whether we have an effective vaccine or not. The capacity they are working on is around two billion. Currently, their supply chain is in Europe, the United States, India and now are looking at setting up production in China.

The Update

Though their large manufacturing is at risk, it is still in works so they can hit the markets as soon as the successful results come out. The initial trials by Oxford University were done on hundreds of volunteers which has now been expanded to 10,000 participants.

The update received from them is that the trials are progressing very well.
News Courtesy: TheNews.

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