Is It The End Of COVID19 Pandemic In Pakistan?

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COVID19 pandemic has left the entire world nervous. Doctors are still trying to fully understand it. There are many known unknowns remain to be explored. Making a decision at this time requires a greater understanding of the enemy the world is facing. Until then, only speculations will surface.

However, as the businesses are getting back to normal and people have started functioning almost normally, the question is, was it the end of COVID19 in Pakistan?.
According to the highlighted facts below, undoubtedly, the situation is better but who knows what is coming ahead of us.

Cases Are Going Down

As we are experiencing the daily reported cases are going down almost every other day, doctors and experts say that this might be the time when we put a full stop to the growth of COVID19.

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Recoveries Are Getting Better

Recovery Rate in Pakistan has always been better than many countries and now when it is getting even better, according to the doctors we can consider it as a positive sign.

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But, Wait Before You Think It Is Actually Gone

Whenever it is time that we start talking about improvement in the situation, people get more careless than ever. Being careless is not what will improve us or help us put an end to this situation. If we see COVID19 case improvement in our country, it is our utmost responsibility to be a better citizen so this pandemic leaves us soon.

This Doesn’t Mean No More Preventive Measures

Improvement is the situation, less daily COVID reports, higher recover. This never means we can let go of the preventive measures now. Social distancing is still a thing, you still have to wear masks, use sanitisers and stay away from crowded areas. IMPROVEMENT IN CASES DOES NOT MEAN YOU LET THE REBEL IN YOU VIOLATE SAFETY MEASURES.

Meanwhile, Take Help From Marham

In this time of the pandemic, Marham is trying to serve you with the best since the very beginning. This improvement that we are now experiencing is the result of our efforts, we stayed at home, away from hospitals and crowded areas and we stayed safe. We’re almost there when we can finally say ‘we are free from COVID19’. Till then, use telemedicine.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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