C-Section Delivery Controversy Is Absolutely Ridiculous

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Mothers, who have given birth through cesarean section mostly emphasized on the ridiculous notion that having an abdominal delivery is the ONLY “easy way” to have a baby. When I first heard there was even a discussion regarding C-section moms not being “real moms” because they selected the so-called “easy method out” of delivery, I used to be completely mind-blown. Here are a few reasons I, other obstetrical delivery mothers, and some of OBGYNs assume this debate is 100% ridiculous!

Doctors, however, say it is prejudiced, to see a rise in C-section delivery rate in isolation as every pregnancy is different from others as it holds various factors.
“Looking at a personal parameter referred to as cesarean delivery is wrong. we tend to conjointly need to consider the age of conception of a girl, pre-pregnancy health parameters like anemia, body mass index, vitamin D level among others, thyroid, diabetes and cardiovascular disease like hypertension status before analyzing the outcome of delivery option.” said a Gynaecologist at MARHAM.
“Women really need to understand that a C-section is major abdominal surgery,”

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However, she continues that there are other many factors like abnormal presentation such as breech or transverse lie, fetal distress or low heart rate, prolonged labour, bad obstetric history, pregnancy in an older woman with high blood pressure and diabetes, which play a role in deciding C-section as a delivery option.

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The procedure involves an incision through the skin, abdomen, muscle, and so into the womb. From start to end, together with pre- and post-op, a typical cesarean delivery lasts 3-4 hours. The placenta might be deeply attached to the female internal reproductive organ because of scarring from previous C-sections, and it might be troublesome to get out, which means serious injury, so a higher probability of needing a blood transfusion, or needing “hysterectomy” may be needed just to save mother’s life. A lot of women having 3 or a lot of C-sections can experience these complications, therefore keeping the procedure restricted to those that are medically necessary might be life-saving.

“Women are distressed that something can happen to their baby throughout labor, therefore maybe they elect a cesarean section upfront,” women through elective C-SECTIONS said “they don’t need to go through labor pain, because it’s painful & hurting, and think they’ll handle the pain of surgery better because it is a controlled setting.”

This is not the easy way out

To all those who have had a C-section or a Vaginal Birth would definitely understand this. There is no “easy” way to get a baby out of your body. There is nothing easy about having a child. Although giving birth is a natural process for our bodies, but the fact is, it is never easy.

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C-section birth has the same postpartum issues as Vaginal birth

After your C-section child birth, you have to deal with the same bleeding as a normal woman has after her vaginal birth, those baby blues, sleep deprivation, the same insecurities, and the same struggles as you did with your first child. You still wake up every hour to breastfeed a fussy infant. And the most important is you still love your baby unconditionally. How she birthed into the world has nothing to do with how much of her mother you are <3.

Risk factors

Risk factors

    • Longer maternal hospital stay.
    • Often some parents may experience an Increased risk of respiratory problems in the new born.
    • Greater complications in further pregnancies, including uterine rupture, placental implantation problems, need for hysterectomy is common.
    • Each cesarean delivery increases your future risk of these complications as well as placenta previa and placenta accreta.

Reminder to all

“You are really going to feel tired & weak after your C-section, and plus, you have a newborn to take care of so the load and the demand on your body is very high,”

“Don’t believe & expect any big miracle before 3-4 weeks, and many women will go up to three months to be 100% with their instincts.”

A C-section may sound you intimidating, but thousands are successfully performed in Pakistan every day, resulting in happy and healthy mothers and babies.

Both vaginal and C-section births are safe. But it’s also important to keep in mind that if you compare a vaginal birth that goes okay all the way and a C-section that goes well, vaginal birth is still on a safer side.

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