I Feel Headache or a Pinching Neck Pain Whenever I Wake Up

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Finding a doctor to advice you about why you get a headache or pinching pain in your neck whenever you wake up, well you must read this first. If you do search for doctor’s advice for it then you might need to reconsider your sleeping style instead of consulting.

Does It Really Matter?

From several different surveys, it has been identified that many different sleeping positions do have a positive or a negative effect on your body.

It would be worthwhile to have a glance at the most common sleep positions and their beneficial and detrimental effects.

  • On Your Back with Arms and at Sides (Soldier)

If you sleep in this position then this is regarded as the best position to sleep. It not only relaxes the spine but also your neck and vertebrae.

 “if you get headaches and neck pain after you get up, try the Soldier position” – Recommended

However, this position may lead to snoring, difficulty breathing, and an overall bad night’s sleep.

  • Starfish Position

This is similar to soldier position however the “Hands Up” mode.

This position is known to reduce face wrinkles and skin breakouts. However, the stretched arms can put stress on nerves, shoulders and neck. This position also leads to snoring as does the soldier position.

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  • Facedown, Freefall

This position although can improve digestion, however, one has difficulty breathing because of the face comes in contact with the pillow or bed. Therefore, it is the body’s response to tilt the face to either side. This can stress the neck and lead to neck and back pain.

  • Fetal Position

This position is found comfortable by both the children and adults alike, however, this is known to cause stressed breathing.

  • On Your Sides (Log style)

This position keeps the spine straight, which should be beneficial for those who suffer from back pain. However, this can lead to skin wrinkles due to the force of gravity pulling the skin downwards. This also causes sagging of the breasts in females specifically.

  • On Your Left side

Sleeping on the left side is associated with problems like acid reflux. However, this position is suggested to pregnant women as it improves the circulation of the blood to the fetus.

  • On Your Right side

Resting on right your side reduces acid reflux. However, the problem of the skin wrinkles and sagging of the muscles prevail.

  • Pillow Supplemented

In this position, a person supplements a part of the body by placing a pillow underneath.

This gives a comfortable sleep and also reduces the risk of back pain. This also aids the joints of the hips and the legs to be placed in the best relaxing position.

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