What Will You Prefer? Googling or Finding a Doctor

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So, you are not feeling well. Your head is pounding, your heart is sinking and you will feel nauseated. What would you do? Get out of your cozy bed to see a doctor or grab your smartphone and start googling the reasons of migraine or another disease to fit in.

Now, when your child has developed strange rash or see him being intolerant to certain food or see him throwing up right in the middle of night. What would you do? Definitely, instead of finding a doctor, you will start Googling because you believe Google knows it.

online doctor

Google – Your Health Doctor

Well, to some extent, it is true that Google knows answers of almost all of our answers. According to search data revealed by tech giant, one in every 20 Google searches are health related. Google officials are definitely trying to make sure that users will get accurate information but it is also true that Google cannot replace the need to find a specialist and see him in real to get cured, at least in our society.

Whats In Marham?

Marham – Find a Doctor, is one such effort that was introduced to revolutionize the health sector in Pakistan and to make sure the availability of authentic and experienced doctors within a user’s vicinity. The project is designed to facilitate the patients and doctors alike. If you are a patient, you can find a list of expert doctors based on their location. All the doctors available on the website are validated with the help of Pakistan Medical and Dental Association – making sure that you will find only the best.

If you are currently living in Lahore and finding a doctor, then instead of Googling, you can directly access the website from your smart-phone or from your desktop and can also book an appointment for yourself. It is that easy!

The Internet has definitely made our lives easier but finding a doctor, without leaving the comfort of your home, is something that you may have not thought before. However, Marham.pk has done it.

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