How To Deal With Anxiety? 8 Important Tips!

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Anxiety is a natural coping process against your stress. It’s not a disorder unless you feel it constantly and overwhelmingly. It’s a feeling of fear, nervousness, apprehension, and agitation. It turns into the anxiety disorders if these feeling remains constant and often. Anxiety disorders are classified under the category of mental illness. Important question is, “how to deal with anxiety?”

Only medication in the name of treatment is not enough to deal with anxiety disorders. Rather different self-care techniques are also important to cope it. You can also consult the best psychologist in Karachi for the exact diagnosis of your disorder and treatment.

Here are some important self-care tips to control your anxiety;


It is the best solution to keep your mind busy. Exercise keeps your body healthy both physically and mentally. It boosts your energy levels. And keep your mind busy in a positive direction.

Good Sleep

It is advisable to take a sound sleep of 6-7 hours at night to keep your mental health in good condition. Insomnia increases your anxiety. They are linked together. Your anxiety exaggerates your insomnia. Make a routine to go to bed on time. And try to avoid over-thinking at night.

Deep breathing

This helps your brain to relax for a while. Take a deep breath in and hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly let it out. By holding your breath, you will slow the heart rate that helps calm you down.

Think positively

Try to avoid negative thoughts. Never doubt your efforts. It’s very important to think positively when comes to coping anxiety. Try to face your fears in your mind. It helps you to face them in reality. Similarly, imagine your goals in your mind once a day. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the state you wish to be in. This helps you to stay positive and calm.

Love yourself

Self-love and self-care are very important when comes to mental health. Try to love yourself to cope with your anxiety. When you start realizing the importance of your relationship with yourself, that’s the time you start controlling your anxiety. You don’t need anyone to control your thoughts and decisions. That’s why it is important to realize your self-worth.

Serve others

By doing social work and helping others by volunteering yourself gives you mental peace. Try to engage yourself in productive activities that in result give benefits to others. In these activities, you also develop gratitude in yourself.

Discover triggers

Try to discover the triggers that lead you to a state of anxiety. Then try to avoid those triggers. This is a very important tip, as when you are not allowing yourself to go in that state. Try to remain busy when you know something is triggering your anxiety.

Listen to your body’s signal

When you are in a state of anxiety, your body starts sending you a signal by changing itself. Sometimes it’s your skin or sometimes it’s your hair or nails. That shows how your body is being affected by stress and anxiety. So you need to control your anxiety.

These are some of the valuable tips that can be used to deal with your anxiety. if your problem is worsening day by day, you should consult your psychologist for professional advice and treatment. You can consult the best psychologists in Karachi through Marham.

And if you are avoiding to visit a doctor in COVID-19 pandemic, now you can also contact your health specialist online through Marham mobile app or website.

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