How To Keep Children Safe From Coronavirus Disease

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Coronavirus is a newly discovered virus that has emerged as a strong blow to the world. By now 184 countries across the globe are fighting against this virus. As this is a newly discovered virus many things about this disease and virus remain to be studied yet. We know the symptoms, the precautions to limit infection, the high-risk groups but things like how it affects children, pregnant women, its vaccination, and definite cure remain masked.

This piece of information is intended to address the safety of our children from the COVID-19.

Schools, Daycares, and Tuition Centers

The government has already directed schools to halt operations throughout the country. However, many other options remain open. Daycares, tuition centers, and Quran classes also need to be restricted for the time being. It might seem difficult to keep kids home all day but this is the best practice in the present circumstances. It will ensure the safety of your child and also will aid in breaking the chain of infection transmission.

Outdoor Activities

Currently, it is highly recommended to avoid outdoor activities. Avoid going to parks, amusement places, and hotels.

Stay Away From Pets

As this is a novel disease we do not know how can it affect animals or if they can serve as carriers. Precaution is the only tool we can rely on. Avoid contact with pets for now.

Emphasize and Demonstrate Proper Hand Washing

Convey the importance of proper handwashing among children. Demonstrate the right way to wash hands. Use a good quality soap for this purpose.

Avoid Sharing Food

also, limit food sharing among family members. Avoid eating together. Feed the child at a separate time from other family members. Keep their drinking glasses, bottles, and spoons separately.

Educate them About Social Distancing

Emphasize social distancing and educate children about why this is necessary. Tell them the necessary precautions they should consider and why it is ok to not shake hands and avoid hugs.

Ban Playdates and Sleepovers

As obvious it is you should be limiting social contact of the child. Do not let them play with neighborhood friends. Also, restrict sleepovers and playdates for now.

How COVID-19 can affect Children?

There is no definite data that can tell us the effects of this virus in children exclusively. But we know this disease can affect all age groups including children.

What to Do if a Child Gets Affected?

If you notice flu-like symptoms in your child take precautions so the infection does not spread. Keep an eye on his body temperature and breathing. You can talk to a child specialist using before visiting a hospital If your child starts improving with 5-7 days there is no need to visit the hospital. If there are other health problems like diabetes or asthma or your child has breathing difficulty or you see a blue tinge on his lips immediately seek medical attention.

How to handle the situation if a parent gets affected by coronavirus?

If one of the parents or any family member gets affected by the coronavirus implement self-isolation immediately. Stay in a separate room and let someone else in the family act as the primary caregiver for the child.

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Can you contract the coronavirus while taking care of a baby?

Besides droplets from coughing/sneezing and touch it is possible to acquire the infection from soiled diapers or urine of the affected child. Take appropriate care while handling child care responsibilities. Discard soiled diapers in a plastic bag and thoroughly wash hands afterward.

Address Child’s Stress

These are stressful times for children and adults alike. Talk to your child about how they feel. If they have concerns regarding this pandemic address these with age-appropriate information. If you need to talk to a psychologist or any other health care professional for concerns other than coronavirus disease consult online. Currently, our healthcare system is already under stress. Don’t add to it by visiting hospitals for minor health issues. However, the use of telemedicine is advised. Log on to to find and consult the best healthcare professionals in Pakistan. Book online appointments and get your problems addressed from the safety of your home.

Please note that online consultation cannot help you in case of emergencies. In case of any life-threatening situation, visit the nearest hospital but do not forget to practice stringent precaution.

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