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Rapid and excessive hair loss can be the cause of stress and depression in anyone’s life. It causes the person to lose his confidence and develop a low self-esteem. While it is observed in women too at times, it is the male species which are affected the most because of it.

Hair loss is often referred to as baldness where the person tends to lose hair from a part of his head or the whole of it over time. In men, this could be caused by the male hormone and their gene structure too.

There can be other reasons for baldness too such as chemotherapy, usage of certain drugs, scarring and the habit of pulling out the hair. However, once it is there baldness cure becomes a necessity.

Signs and Symptoms

Here are few early signs of baldness in men and how one can identify it on time to take charge of the situation and get necessary hair loss treatment for men.

Skin Conditions

If you think that you suffer from a skin condition which causes hair loss or hair thinning then you might have to consult a dermatologist for this. There are many conditions like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and many other infections which require the use of medications to be treated. If left untreated, they can cause hair thinning and baldness as well.


If you have been worrying over your hair situation, then you might as well want to stop it since it is only exacerbating the situation. Stress is one of the leading causes of excessive hair loss and baldness too in men and women all over the world. Take control of your life and try to manage things in a way that would minimize the stress and help you get the things back in order.


Thyroid and male sex hormones are a leading cause of baldness in men. Excessive levels of testosterone have been linked to hair thinning but, against the contrary belief, they only act as a catalyst for people who have a genetic disposition for baldness. Varied levels of the thyroid gland are also associated with patterns of baldness but this is something you can quickly manage with medications that would help with hormone level management.

Life Style

So are you in the habit of following an irregular sleep cycle or maybe have been excessively following some fad diets to see the hair brush coming out of your hair with a web of hair trapped with it? This is because our diet, sleep cycle and over all lifestyle has a huge impact on our hair. Try to be out in the sun more often and eat a healthy balanced diet so that your body can get the nourishment it needs to revive its health.

It’s Genetic

Well, this is something you can’t do much about. If there has been a history of baldness in men in your family then you might as well start looking for possible treatment for hair fall and hair loss in your city. There have been various researchers to link baldness in men to genetics and their body’s cellular composition which inhibits hair growth and causes hair follicle thinning to an extent that causes baldness ultimately.

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So What Can You Do Instead?

The interesting thing about baldness is that it is not restricted to head only. For men who have it in their genes, hair thinning and loss can be observed on their chest hair and hair on other parts of the body too as they begin to age. While there isn’t much that you can do about the chest and other body hair, you can definitely get hair transplantation in Lahore done for your head. You can find out more about the steps of hair transplantation here.

Over 50% of the men tend to develop baldness when they cross 40. While there can be other solutions available, hair transplantation is the best permanent solution for this problem. Some benefits of hair transplant include:

    • Give off the most natural look
    • No physiological and physical side effects
    • Redeems confidence
    • The hair stays for life
    • It is the most effective solution for men in their 40s
    • Men can get a normal haircut from anywhere they want
    • The treatment requires no special care or precautions.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think that you suffer from baldness, then find a best dermatologist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan and have him suggest you the best mode of action you should take given your age. Hair transplant is gaining fair amount of popularity in Pakistan and for all the right reasons too. It is the best solution for baldness which is now within your reach too.

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