How to start First Aid Activity after Road Accident?

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Accidents are very common in the present world where the vehicles are increasing on a regular basis, but on the other hand, the roads are not wide enough. Along with that, the speeds of the vehicles are also at the top so everyone wants to enjoy this facility. What, the reason behind, is not our concern? We just want to give a brief introduction to our readers how to manage the road accident if you are a victim or want to provide excellent first aid to the injured people so let’s start our discussion.

Check yourself

The first thing which should be bothered is your own condition after the accident. If you feel that there is some problem, you should immediately try to find a doctor who will completely examine and recommend you the medication and other required treatments. It should be remembered that you can only help others if you are fit enough to handle.

Find out Injured People

After checking yourself, it is your duty to find those injured people who are bleeding or have no senses or breathe. Your preference should not be those people who are crying, talking or screaming as they are in their senses. You must ask the name from the people who are out of senses and if they are answering, you can give an idea that there is no head injury.

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Find out Signs of Breathing

You must check those people on priority basis who are not breathing or there is difficulty in breathing. The pulse should be in a working condition and it is your duty to rescue these people on an immediate basis and arrange ambulances.

Call the Rescue Services

Try to find out doctors near or call the rescue services immediately in which ambulances, fire extinguishers and security agencies who can handle the situation more professionally.

Check for Obstructions

During the waiting ambulances and medical staff, you must try to serve those people who are not breathing. You can check the mouth and throat for checking this and if there is any obstruction in the airway, you must clear it with the index and middle finger. It will open the airway and the patient will start to breathe hopefully.

Everyone should be well informed about EAR and CPR

It should be a must that every citizen must be equipped with the latest life saving techniques like EAR, which means External Air Resuscitation in which you can enter the air in the patient through mouth, nose and mask. On the other hand, CPR means Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in which it is tried that heartbeat should be started.

Help the Injured People in numerous ways

First aid training is based on the treatment which can be given right after the accident or in emergency situations. For the patient and avoid him or her from vomiting, you should give a straight place to the patient. Your duty is to turn the patient to his side which will help to avoid choking. The arm arrangement must be according to the international standards and methods which are given on the internet very easily.

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Activate your Internet

The internet is a great servant of humankind and loves the people who are regular users. You must open the internet at each location and contact health care mobile apps in which is considered at the top in the local market of Pakistan. If you have this app on your mobile, you can easily coordinate with the professionals and find the most effective and intelligent doctors there with complete information about availability and expertise. These people will definitely give you the guidelines through which you can reach the hospital without wasting any time.

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