Is your vision getting blurry? Here are the ways to improve your eyesight.

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Nowadays, everyone is constantly using their mobile phones, because they are living a separate life on social media. However, being social is now a requirement of the modern times, but it has adverse effects on the eyesight. We are surrounded by different things in our life which demand excessive usage of our eyes, such as, television, laptop, mobile phones and other light emitting devices. Most of the jobs in the world require a person to work on the laptop, which means that there is no holding back from the extreme exposure to light.

Below we have discussed some easy remedies to improve the eyesight if it is being affected. But, if anyone has a serious medical condition, then it’s important to find eye specialist online;

1. Food

Food has a very important role to play in improving the eyesight of a person. There are different nutrients and minerals in the food which the eyes require to work properly. Some of the important food for eyes are carrots, green vegetables, eggs, almonds (nuts), oil, and fruits. Fruits contain the required minerals which can help a person to get a better eyesight.

2. Sunglasses

It is important to invest in some good sunglasses, which will help the individual to avoid ultraviolet rays, because they cause a lot of damage to the eyesight. Due to the ozone depletion and dust pollution, the eyes of an individual are unsafe. It is important to keep the eyes hidden under extreme conditions, such as under the sun or exposed to dust.

3. Eye exercises

Just like other parts of the human body, eyes need proper care and exercise to work properly. Yes, there are some exercises available for the eyes. There are 3 simple steps for eye workout. They are as follows:

1. Sit somewhere comfortable, place the thumb in front, then concentrate on it.
2. Then move the focus to something that is placed far away.
3. Then after few seconds refocus on the thumb

Do this exercise for few minutes every day.

4. Rest

Rest is very important for the human body. Rest does not mean to sleep, as sleep is the best rest a person can get. An individual should take a break from looking at the screen after every 20 minutes. It is important to close the eyes and lean back and just relax for some time.

5. Check up

Check up is really important, a person should get his/her eyes checked even if they are fine. It is important to build awareness in the people about the importance of health maintenance. The practice of getting a quarterly or annual check-ups is very important because it can help a person to avoid other extreme complications. In Pakistan, people are unaware of the importance of getting their eyes checked on an annual basis. But, online appointment platforms have eliminated the hassle of doing extra visits to the hospital. People in major cities can easily book online appointments, such as people are booking an online appointment in Lahore now, it can be a motivational factor for other cities.

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