My boy has CAH and that is confirmed, but I dont know what type of CAH is it. He had ambiguous genitalia since birth and did not have any adrenal crisis his CAH was found after 2 months and we started his medication since florinef and hydrocortisone. Because of this issue he was never admitted. I am attaching results of his reports please let me know what type of CAH he has. simple or serious.


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send me reports directly ,and secondary needs to see the baby as well .

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Thanks send me the labs


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No reports attached.

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You should stick to one paediatric endocrinologist at this stage. You do not need to see a paediatric surgeon unless referred for any surgical issue. In case of boys mostly no surgical issues are there to be addressed by a surgeon. However they have more issues to be dealt with by the endocrinologist. Therefore life long association with a good paediatric endocrinologist is what you need. Dose adjustments may be required initially which again are better done by the endocrinologist.

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Level of 17-OH Progesterone is still too high. Please continue same treatment. but confirm that some pediatric endocrinologist or pediatric surgeon adjusts the dose.


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Endocrinologist and one pediatric surgeon adjusted the dose for us. The main cause of my question was to know the level of CAH he has because I have seen kids with the same issue but far worst than my boy and then I came to know that there are different types are there such as salt wasting, non salt wasting and few others. Could you tell by these initial reports what type he has? His recent electrolyte results are also fine. Sodium is around 140 and potassium is 3.8. He takes 1.3 florinef a day and cortisone around 10mg in 5 times.

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i couldn't find any attached investigations. Hopefully the child is 46 XY
male CAH. We have done corrective surgeries for few of such patients,staged
hypospadias surgery. Continue with hydrocortisone and florinef and consult
for surgery for ambigous genitilia early so that the child may resume his
educational activities.


Waiting for the reports