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I deliverd a male baby via c section he is healthy masha Allah n a normal baby with 3.2kg weight.. On examination there was left testes absent.. on ultrasound.. its found in inguinal canal... My question is.. any type of surgery required for it ?? Or will it decend on its own ?? N if yes then how much average time required for it ??


Thanks. What's  age of baby?Wait for 6 months. If it does not decend itself then an operation ORCHIDOOEXY will b done


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He is 3 days old at the moment

2 months ago


Wait till 3 months. If tested does not come down to sack then contact again. No need to worry this rmtime


MBBS, FCPS, ASMS International Fellowship (USA), Fellowship in Plastics and Burn Surgery (Australia) | Peshawar

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This is actually the domain of a paediatric surgeon, not plastic surgeon. But just to guide you, if the testis is retractile which means it comes down and then goes back into the canal then you should wait for at least six months. If it’s in the canal all the time and does not come down then it’s undescended and would require surgery. Orchidopexy. A peads surgeon would guide you better but generally speaking surgery in infants should be avoided until three months of age to allow development of the lungs unless it’s an emergency.


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Usually most of the undescended testis comes down to orginial positiin in 6 months...if not than go for surgery before his age reaches to 2 year at maximum to avoid any complication.
Usually that surgery in experienced hands carries minimal risk.
At the moment nothing to worry feed him and let the baby grow well.


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Better to consult with a pediatric Surgeon, he ll examine the baby and can give you a better idea about the condition and appropriate management.
There is no fixed timing of Surgery, it varies according to position of testis. It's debatable however it can be done before one year of age better results regarding growth and future function of testis is based on early Surgery.


MBBS, FCPS, FACS(USA), FEBPS(uk) , Dip.MAS(India,France) | Nawabshah

Thanks for asking opinion , I think Wait for few months & do an repeat ultrasound scan to locate the testis again at exact position . For inguinal canal testis one can easily do orchidopexy . But sometimes ultrasound is misleading, if clinician says it’s palpable then ok but otherwise we have seen in clinically non palpable testis location is wrongly described by Sonologist in that situation Laparoscpy may be required to confirm exactly where the testis is & to proceed for particular procedure .


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Thanks,there are chances of decend if not ,surgery will be carried out at the age of one year.Dr Muhammad Amjad Chaudhry    MBBS,MS(Pak)FRCSEd(UK)  FRCS(Glasg)FACS,CHPE(Liverpool)Mob.+042-32591427,  042-32591427, 6 


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Nothing to be done right now wait till the age of 6 months. If testis doesn't descend by 6 months then surgery will be required.


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Dear Mother
You must be reassured now that so many paediatric surgeons and even the plastic surgeons are worried about the welfare of your son.
Best wishes


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Thank u so much everyone


Just wait and watch till 1year of age.


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You can wait for 6months. Then get him checked by a Qualified Pediatric Surgeon If didn't desent then go for Surgery Called Orcidopexy under GA before 1 year of age.

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