5 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore

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Cancer is the most dangerous disease anyone can suffer from if it is diagnosed early than early treatment can be done but it’s quite difficult and sometimes impossible to diagnose it at an early stage. Signs of cancer can be sometimes like the symptoms of other diseases that’s why women don’t pay much attention to it. women are shy by nature but this topic is now being discussed often so one should know her body and notice and keep track of the unusual pains and if you feel something is not right than rush to your doctor. To find and consult the best oncologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities via Marham.

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Most Ignored Symptoms of Cancer by Women:

  1. It is common for women to see spotting or bleeding after menopause. But if you have again started bleeding like periods and it remains consistent than it’s a sign of uterine cancer. When you are diagnosed early you have 88 percent chances of survival and this is at stage 1 so assume about other stages.
  2. Women are advised to look for any lump in the breast or near armpit but they due to the sensitive subject ignores it and can suffer from breast cancer. See if your breast is dimpling or there is any discharged from the nipples. Swelling or discoloration is not a sign of cancer. If you find anything unusual consult your gynecologist.
  3. Bloating is natural during periods but if it remains throughout the month or you feel constipated most of the time than don’t ignore it, it can be a sign of ovarian cancer. Ask your doctor for further examination. If you feel full without appetite than it surely is a sign of ovarian cancer.
  4. If your bleeding becomes heavier every month and there is bleeding even after periods and you experience extreme pain in your pelvic region than you can have vaginal or uterine cancer.
  5. If you are coughing a lot and it persists for a few weeks no medication is helpful than it can be a sign of lungs cancer, leukemia is due to bad cold and pains in the chest.

You need to take care of yourself and shouldn’t ignore all these symptoms and make timely check-ups to your doctor.

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