7 Sign and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

7 Sign and Symptoms of Lung Cancer
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“Lung Cancer” is an alarming term among the normal population. People get terrified by just listening to this single term. It is a fatal disease and very rare to be tackled. Its treatment or cure rate is very low because of the fact that it’s very hard to be diagnosed at the early stages.

Its treatment is only possible when it is diagnosed at the early level. But generally, people get diagnosed when the cancer is already spread beyond the lungs making it very difficult to control. The early diagnosis of this disease requires the early detection of signs and symptoms so it can be caught at early stages.

Lung cancer’s five-year survival rate is 17.7 percent which is lower than many other leading cancers – colon has a five-year survival rate of 64.4 percent, breast cancer, 89.7 percent, and prostate – 98.9 percent. If it’s once treated, its recurrence chances are high as well.

Alarming Signs and Symptoms

There are seven symptoms that could serve as an indicator of this disease and these symptoms include;

A Persistent Cough or Hoarseness

It is very common to have a cough, especially in winters when you are highly vulnerable to cold. But it could be an alarming situation in the case when it just won’t go away. If a person continues to have a dry or productive cough along with a raspy, hoarse voice lasting more than eight weeks with no other apparent cause, you need to consult a doctor. You can find the best pulmonologist in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan here

Shortness of Breath

When a person is experiencing shortness of breath in the routine work that normally has not been a problem. And it is also accompanied by wheezing sounds during breathing then now is the time for you to see your physician because this could be an alarming sign for any serious disorder in your body.

Coughing Up Blood or Rust-Colored Sputum

Coughing up blood is never been a good sign for any person. It may not be a sign of lung cancer but this is serious enough to see your physician. This symptom, mostly, comes along with other sign such as; chest pain, shortness of breath or persistent fever.

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Weight Loss Along with Loss of Appetite

Unexplained or unexpected weight loss without any apparent reason to lose weight is always a warning sign of something wrong. It does not explain the ultimate lung cancer but it is really a serious problem that needs to be addressed. If the weight loss is accompanied by noticeable appetite loss than it becomes necessary for you to find and consult a doctor on the immediate basis.

Weight loss experienced in cancer is called as cachexia and usually occurs when a person has made no significant dietary or exercise habits.

Chest Pain:

Chest pain that is deep in the lungs particularly when lifting something, coughing or laughing could be a significant sign of lung cancer or any other serious disorder. If the pain becomes persistent this could indicate a growing tumor pressing against surrounding tissues and nerve endings as it increases in size.

Tiredness or Weakness:

This sign could mean a lot of disorders running in your body. But anytime one notices a dramatic decrease in energy levels to the point that is a major struggle to get things done in routine work, this does indicate something is going wrong and you need to address this to your physician.

Recurring Bronchitis or Pneumonia:

Bronchitis is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchi, the main airways to the lungs. It can be chronic or acute. Pneumonia can develop from the above stated both conditions.

These are the alarming signs of the development of lung cancer and need to be addressed on immediate basis.

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