5 Sudden Heart Attack Symptoms That All Women Should Learn About

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The most common and highly understood symptom of heart attack is chest pain which moves to left arm. That’s why other symptoms of heart attack are usually ignored by the patients which lead to dreadful consequences. According to the research, a heart attack is the top most reason of death in the United States. And in females, these unusual symptoms of heart attack are more common that are usually confused with the other ailments and their symptoms.

People feel those symptoms as not a big deal, for example, nausea is always considered as the sign of gastric disturbance. They don’t consider those symptoms as a sign of heart attack.

According to health.com, an estimated 38,000 women that are under the age of 50, experience heart attacks every year in the U.S. And this leads to increase in fatality rate due to heart attack because people usually consider symptoms of heart attack as the signs of indigestion.

According to the research, women experience less obvious signs of heart attack than men i.e. chest pain or pain in your arm. Rather, women experience many other symptoms of a heart attack. One should know about those less obvious symptoms and immediately contact the doctor. Otherwise, the problem can become worse.

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Here are some symptoms of heart attack

1.Back Pain

Nicole Weinberg, a cardiologist in Santa Monica, California reported about a female patient who was suffering from back pain which happened suddenly and carried on throughout the day. Later she learned she was having a heart attack.

Usually, these types of pains are considered harmless and we try to treat them with pain killers without knowing the real cause behind them.

2.Tooth/ jaw pain

Weinberg also reported about a patient who was complaining about jaw pain and she was seeing a dentist for her problem. Later she realized that it was the heart attack symptom.

3.Vomiting and nausea

These are the most common signs of a heart attack in women. Patients should not confuse nausea and vomiting with upset stomach only. Usually, there is also sweating with nausea in this condition.

4.Chest discomfort

According to the cardiologists, chest discomfort is the most common symptom that both males and females face. Not only the chest pain but also the heavy pressure or feeling of discomfort in the chest can also be the symptom of a heart attack. This type of pressure can be so worse that it is difficult to breathe properly.

5.Easily Fatigued

Cardiologists also suggest that if you feel fatigued easily like walking for 10 minutes makes you fatigued and needs to stop, it could be a sign of heart problem. In this case, the heart is not properly functioning; the blood is not reaching the lungs and back to the heart properly.

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These symptoms can be easily confused with the other ailments and considered as minor issues. But the experts suggest if you feel any of these symptoms or more, and you feel it continuously, you should consult with the best cardiologist in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or main cities of Pakistan and get yourself assessed.

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