Adjustment Disorder: Are We Taking It Lightly?

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Changing a job, shifting houses, cities, or even rooms sometimes can be more disturbing than we think it is. For some people it is not a big deal, they shift and they adjust in days. Whereas for some people, this is not just a change in their place only. It is something bigger than that. It is an emotional, physical change that can take up to months to recover and this is known as Adjustment Disorder.

Adjustment disorder is not something we think we can escape because the people who know and who suffer can clearly tell that there’s no escape that we can take.

What Exactly Is Adjustment Disorder?

An adjustment disorder is a short-term condition. It usually occurs when a person has is going through a phase of difficulty when they have to cope with or adjusting stressful situations, such as a major life change, loss, or event.

If a person is suffering from an adjustment disorder, they develop emotional and specific behavioral symptoms as a reaction to that event. The symptoms of adjustment disorder generally begin within the first three months of the event for some people it lasts for up to 6-8 months after the situation has ended.

Every person having adjustment issues have a different response and reaction towards the situation. The symptoms vary and have a wide range which can include the following as well:

  • Constant feeling of hopelessness
  • Staying sad all the times or in some parts of the day
  • Crying
  • Nervousness and Anxiety
  • Excessive worrying
  • Headaches or stomachaches
  • Unpleasant feeling or irregular heartbeat
  • Withdrawal from all the social activities and people
  • Appetite change or loss of appetite, in some cases, overeating
  • Sleep Problems
  • Lethargy or lazy feeling

The health professionals say that symptoms seen in children and teens are more behavioral than emotional. Whereas on the other hand, adults experience more emotional symptoms that include constant sadness and anxiety.

Is It An Age-Specific Disease?

Adjustment disorder is one of the very common issues that can affect almost any person, regardless of:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Lifestyle

This issue has no targeted age and can occur at any time in our life but it majorly depends on the transitions that occur in our lives, such as a person leaving, loved one dying, moving out of a place, and many more.

Is Adjustment Disorder Treatable?

Yes! Adjustment disorder is curable and also there is a treatment available for this. Various people who suffer from this issue seek treatments from psychologists and find it helpful. Furthermore, the treatment required is very brief.
Moreover, there are also some sufferers who prefer taking long term treatments that include psychotherapy, medications, or both.

How Would I Know If I Have Stress Response Syndrome Or Adjustment Disorder?

Many people still do not know the difference between Adjustment disorder and Stress Response Syndrome. To make it clear, there is nothing different and both are the same thing as in 2013, the mental health diagnostic system changed the name of Adjustment Disorder to Stress Response Syndrome.

An adjustment disorder is diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist on the basis of the level of distress a person is experiencing. Furthermore, the treatment is also decided according to a patient’s mental and behavioral condition.

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