Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Risk Factors, And Treatments

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, which is also the second main cause of death in women, after lung cancer. Cancer occurs when changes called mutations, take place in genes that regulate the cell growth in the body. Breast cancer is cancer that develops in the breasts cells. Usually, in this type the cancer forms in either the lobules or the duct of the breast. While in some cases cancer can also be formed in the fatty tissues or the fibrous connective tissues within the breast. This cancer is the most common cancer in the women but it can also be diagnosed in men. You can find and consult with the best oncologist easily if you facing cancer issues.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer:

In breast cancer, breast lumps are not the only possible signs and symptoms. In fact, most breast lumps are not cancer. Some of the most common and evident signs and symptoms of breast cancer include:

  • Pain in the armpit
  • A lump or thickening in or near the breast
  • A change in the shape, size, or contour of the breast
  • Inverted nipple
  • Breast pain
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck or armpit
  • A discharge from a nipple (possibly containing blood)
  • Redness of the skin of the breast
  • Peeling, flaking, or scaling of the skin on the breast


breast cancer
breast cancer


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Risk Factors For Breast Cancer:

There are several risk factors that increase the chance of anyone getting breast cancer. However, still having any one of these doesn’t mean you’ll develop the disease. Some risk factors can be avoided, such as family history whereas some of them like smoking, can be changed. Here are some other breast cancer risk factors:

  • Age:

The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age. However, most breast cancers are found in women over the age of 35.

  • Genetics:

If someone in your family has or has had breast cancer, then you’re also at a higher risk. Moreover, women who have BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. These genes can be inherited.

  • Dense Breast Tissue:

Having dense breast tissues also increases your risk of developing this cancer.

  • Overweight:

Women, who are overweight or have obesity especially after menopause, have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. It is possibly due to the higher levels of estrogen. However, high sugar intake may also be a factor.

  • Giving Birth At Older Age:

Women who don’t have their first child before the age of 35 have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The risk factor increases with the increase in age.

  • Hormone Treatments:

Women who took or are taking hormone replacement therapy and oral birth control pills have linked to this cancer. This is due to the increased levels of estrogen.


Treatments for this cancer will depend on the type and stage of cancer. Doctors will also determine the patient’s sensitivity to hormones, patient’s age, overall health, and preferences to give the correct treatment. Still, the main options of the treatment include:

breast cancer
breast cancer
  • Surgery (several types of surgeries used to remove breast cancer)
  • Radiation therapy (high powered beams of radiation used to target and kill breast cancer cells)
  • Biological therapy (targeted drugs used to destroy specific types of breast cancer)
  • Hormone therapy (by blocking the body’s production of hormones that stimulates the growth of breast cancer tumors)
  • Chemotherapy (drug treatment used to destroy cancer cells)
  • Medications (certain medicines are designed to attack specific abnormalities and mutations within cancer cells)

This cancer is a lethal and chronic disease but you can reduce the risk factors of developing this disease by following a healthy lifestyle, regular screening, and taking any preventive measures that your doctor recommends. Maintain a healthy diet and get more exercise to lose weight and to lower the risk of breast cancer.

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