Signs You’re A Toxic Parent Without Even Knowing It

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That’s true that most parents actually do their best to provide their children with a happy, healthy, and finest upbringing. They intend best for their children no matter whatever they do. But somehow even these parents can unintentionally make mistakes that turn into the toxic category. Regardless of whether or not a parent is intentionally being toxic, there are some behaviors that can cause so much emotional and mental damage to a child that ends up greatly affecting them in their lives. Such toxic behaviors can sneak into everyday interactions that many parents don’t even realize it. So, it is important for you to be sure if you’re parenting technique is nontoxic or not. Here are some signs that can help you spot your bad parenting traits and habits. Let’s have a look.

You Are Overly Critical:

Being a parent you are allowed to criticize your child because that’s help in making them realize what’s good or bad for them. Without criticism, children might not able to do various things properly. However, a toxic parent becomes extremist and overly critical about everything their child does. They criticize them badly whenever a child makes mistake and this behavior badly affects the child.

Lack Of Communication:

Communication between a parent and a child is very important and a tricky thing, especially when children become older and have their own personal opinions. Communication in the right way is a key for parents; they can make strong bonding by this which allows children to share their feelings and thoughts. But toxic parents are known for not listening to their child but talking over them or at them. This way the child doesn’t open up to their parents and their feelings remain within themselves.

Your Child Is Afraid Of You:

Toxic parents always use highly fearful actions and words that result in damaging the child’s psyche. Children who feel loved, supported, and connected are much more likely to be happy as grown-ups whereas children who fear their parents never take risks and remain recluse for the rest of their life. If you see your child is suffering from severe mental health issues then take him to the psychologist.

You Compare Your Child With Others:

This is the worst thing parents can do their child. In fact, it is one of the worst behaviors of a toxic parent. Toxic parents compare their child to his siblings or friends and hope that he will show the similar good behavior. However, you have no idea how comparisons can damage the self-esteem of a child. Every child is unique in itself so he should never be compared with anyone else instead you should appreciate your child’s individuality.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs within yourself then try to eliminate them. You might be a toxic parent not even realizing it but when you do realize, then for the sake of your child become a good parent. Love your kid as much as you can and let them find their own passion and happiness.

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