I have severe asthma, Could't been sleep at night, cough during day too. Very bad condition.


Iqraa 2 (ext) Hospital akbar chowk Johar Town Lahore time 7- 10 pm daily
off friday and sunday ph 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, -1
For booking plz contact 042-32591427,


Need assessment.For how long ,you are asthmatic.What medicine ,you are
using.smoker?You may get appointment at Farooq hospital canal road or
Faisal hospital Faisal no 042-32591427,


MBBS, MCPS (Pulmonology) | Karachi

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asthma is a preventable disease,

kindly consult good pulmonologist immediately so that it asthma flare up attacks can be prevented


Aftab Uddin

Dr. Sahib, my wife had asthma from childhood. Can it be treated to get rid of it?. She using Respicare (montelukast) which relax her asthma but feel tired. Allergic from dust and milk.

4 months ago