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I'm suffering from cough from last 10 months. I have posted the same issue and someone replied me a solution with using inhaler for the cough. But it was not solved my problem. I have used high quality inhalers, capsules for my breath but not working. My weight is 124kg and I'm a software engineer. I sit lots of time in my whole 24 hours and sleep for min 6 hours and maximum 10 hours. Cough start while I'm sitting in office or at home. but if i sleep, walks, do some hard physical activity i don't cough, i only cough if i sit, but some time i m sitting i don't cough it doesn't mean if i m sitting for 8 hours then it means i m continuously coughing for 8 hours. but time to time i cough with some breaks. in a week or 2 i have heartburn and backpain due to gas issue. plz guide me thanks!

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BSC, MBBS, FCPS (ENT), Diplomate American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine | Lahore

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you're suffering from laryngopharyngo reflux LPR .. it's the main cause of your coughing .. get an ENT consultation .. for proper history n examination n treatment .. tc


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Yes sir you are right, I have seen similar issue on internet and the specialist talked about this LPR thing. Should I visit to ENT doctor or Stomach related doctor?
and please also suggest me a doctor near to me. I'm living in DHA Phase 2 KARACHI

2 years ago


MBBS, MD (Pulmonology) | Islamabad

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Hello there
Your cough seems to b 2ndry to acid peptic disease reduce weight dont sit
after meals and long hours take a break after some about an hour to two
Use syp pacific Dm three times a days one spoon
Its good if u can in personal visit a pulmonologist or medical specilist in
ur area


MBBS, FCPS( Medicine), FCPS( Pulmonology), MACP | Lahore

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Your history suggests that you have reflux related cough need anti reflux measures available on net and treatment for reflux . Kindly consult your gastroenterologist for reflux treatment.. second you might have some trigger for allergy at your working environment


you need detailed examination,Spirometry test,HRCT chest



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Sir I have done chest x-ray and a lungs test. nothing found in it. I was gone for pulmonologist doctor he just giving me medicine without any test and diagnostic. I asked me him for several times that please suggest me some blood test, xrays, or other things to find the root cause of the issue. but he just giving me tablets and capsules for 1 week. If i run into the smoke or dust i never coughs but as i sit i have cough. i have stomach issues but when ever i goes to doctor and ask him i have seems acid reflux or GERD issue, they even don't know the termonologies i m talking about. but on youtube, and other english forums i have seen people coughing due to these issues.

2 years ago

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