Dear Sir / Madam Asslam o Alaekum   I have few questions about the mammography test. I am very hopeful for guidance from you.   1-      Is mammography test for females conducted by the Female Doctors/staff? 2-      What is the chances of involvement of a male doctor/staff during a female’s mammogram? 3-      Radiologist and Technologist/radiographer are two persons during the test? If they are two are they male or female.   I hope that you would have understood my question/confusion and guide/help me.   Thanks and regards


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At Punjab Radiology we have female mammography technologist who perform the test. American trained female doctor to conduct supplementary breast ultrasound.  You can consult doctor Tehmina Khan after the test and seek her expert advice.  


Hassan Amin

kindly tell me where is punjab
rediology or also tell me the address of dr tehmina plz.. I will be very thankful to u .

1 year ago

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi
Dr. Tanveer Zubairi - Radiologist

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Please call the clinic to get appointment for Dr Tehmina Khan, MD. 042-32591427, 042-32591427,

1 year ago


Aslamo Alikum, mammogram is mostly for women, test is carried out by two persons,