I'm not getting pregnant since a year though i have a daughter before. Doc asked me for my husband's report which is attached in comments. And tell me if i need some tests.


aoa . this semen analysis report is better but it doesnt mean its okay for
pregnancy . we often do another test called SCROTAL CDUS to rule out
infertility so do his this test
. SCROTAL CDUS from some well known radiologist and then send me here .


Shakeela Khanum

Thanks for ur kind response.. I'll ask him for further test. I hope it can be cureable.. Please suggest from where the other test should be done.

1 year ago


MBBS, FECSM, PHD, WPA-CME (diploma)psy | Lahore

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One samples of semen is not enough.We need 3 samples .Get fresh semen analysis from Hameed latif hospital or Australian concept.Reports if ordinary labs are incomplete .

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