Eraction And Sexual Timing


I m going to mrry within 3 months . I want to get rid from these problems.Please help me to resolve these problems.


MBBS, MCPS, | Karachi

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Just relax. .You may consult Psychiatrist or psychologist for that are just 25 years old so there is no obvious medical reason for that. there is may be a psychological problem. .it's called Errectile dysfunction in medical terms ...or psychological impotency...
consult any physician , psychiatrist and psychology ..
It would be better...


Dr.Aneel Keswani

I would advise to visit a psychiatrist near to you, you probably need to know about human sexuality, because most of us do not have proper knowledge and there are myths and misconceptions related to this issue so it would be better if you would dealt by psychiatrist through conuselling.

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