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Talk to Urologist on URETHEAL STRICTUREY


Asking for Self, Male, 26 years old, Sahiwal

SIR I have undergone two sessions of urethrotomy followed by self dilatation for pinhole urethral stricture.last session was done 1.4 years ago.Sir Now again i'm feeling burning in lower urethra and my urinray stream is also weak again.I researched that urethroplasty is the only permanant solution for this problem.Sir i need your recommmendationa in this regard.And do you know any surgeon in pakistan who have performed urethroplasty surgeries.

Member of Marham-Forum

You are well aware of your problem. Urethroplasty is a better trratment than dilatation.
Many surgeons across the country perform this operation. Check with an experienced urologist in Multan or Lahore.

Urologist in Karachi - Dr. Muhammad Mansoor

Dr. Muhammad Mansoor - Urologist

MBBS, FCPS (Urology), FCPS ( Surgery ) | Karachi


171 Positive Reviews

Hello young man,

I am Dr Mansoor and I working as consultant Urologist in karachi.i have a good experience of doing Urethroplasty. My telephone number is 042-32591427, 51.

     Please call me


Urologist in Faisalabad - Dr.  Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Kardar - Urologist

MBBS , FRCS (Glasgow) , Diploma Urology (London) | Faisalabad


947 Positive Reviews

Yes that is correct, in recurring urethral strictures urethroplasty may be the solution. However, one needs to actually see the length and the site of stricture before making a final decision. 
This is a specialised surgery, which I have been doing for last almost twenty five years abroad and at Faisalabad 

Member of Marham-Forum

You have had only 2 DVIU’s. It’s too early to make a decision about urethroplasty. Short soft strictures are amenable to optical urethrotomies.

Member of Marham-Forum

There are certainly better options than repeated urethrotomy.

one must review the clinical status and latest urethrogram to make any further management decision.

Without knowing the stricture size/site and peri stricture fibrosis it is difficult to comment.

Urologist in Islamabad - Dr. Fayyaz H Ali Bangash

Dr. Fayyaz H Ali Bangash - Urologist

MBBS, MS (Urology) | Islamabad


234 Positive Reviews

We do urethroplasties (end to end anastomotic or substitution) but it needs proper evaluation whether it’s safe to perform and it won’t affect ur control mechanism, as a close proximity to external sphincter might damage it. 

Member of Marham-Forum

Before 1year gonorea and after one year from sexual activity I have pain with urination double stream when start urination and at the end small amount of urine passed and itching on the tip of the penis.I have done urethrogram.doctor says urethrogram is normal.but symptoms not going from three months.

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