This is How Anger is Destroying Your Body

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Emotions have a strong and deep impact on the human body. Happiness, fear, anger and sadness are all basic emotions which define one’s physical health. The brain controls all the physical and mental processes in the human body, which includes the emotional stability and its effect on the physical state. Anger generates stress, muscle fatigue, and increased blood flow, which has a very adverse effect on the body. The physical change in the body induces certain health calamities, which can lead to serious diseases or even death.

Anger side effects

We have discussed below some effects of anger on the health of a human being, for the worst case scenario consult a doctor;

1. Cardiac issues

A person who has a habit of being angry and lashing out in every situation possible has a grave risk of having a heart problem. Anger increases the blood flow, which stresses the heart to pump faster than the average rate. The heart is a very delicate and sensitive organ with arteries, veins and muscles which are put to stress when a person is angry. The stress can increase the chance of cardiac arrest (heart attack).

2. Stroke

An angry individual, who has a habit of bursting out is likely to have a greater chance of a stroke because the human body is a very unpredictable, there can be a clot present in the body which can be triggered by the sudden high blood flow and stress. If the clot moves to the brain, it can be fatal. The factor of unpredictability always prevails in the health of human beings.

3. Immunity

An individual who is always angry hurts their immune system severely. The immunity becomes questionable because according to a study by Harvard University it is shown that after they reminded people about a bitter experience from the past caused a fall in the graph of their antibody immunoglobulin A levels, it is the initial level of defense of the human body. that is put to risk.

4. Pain in the Abdomen

Stress produces cortisol, a stress hormone that affects different levels in the body such as blood glucose and immunity problems. Cortisol activates the secretion of gastric acid in the stomach, which causes inflammation or damages the lining of the stomach. The impact of cortisol on the stomach causes abdominal pain and other symptoms.

5. Eczema

Suppressed anger has a negative impact on the skin. Eczema is more inclined to be caused by anger than by any other environmental factor or food. Violence causes the body to produce certain toxins, which need a place to get out. Hence, the suppressed anger feeds the toxins and they come out through the skin in the form of eczema.

6. Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood flow in veins and, it has a certain range in which it is considered normal. Anger causes stress and increases blood flow, which increases blood pressure. Increased blood pressure can cause various heart diseases. Blood pressure is a lifelong illness if it is not prevented on time.

7. Lungs

Even if you are not a smoker, lungs can still be affected by anger. It is because of the stress hormone generated after an outburst. The hormone causes inflammation in the lungs, which increases the chance of further lung damage. Damaged lungs cause trouble in breathing and other respiratory issues.

Anger is not only effecting  you physically but it also has vast effects on other aspects of your life. You need to consult with the best psychologist in your area if you are not able to control  your anger.

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