4 Major Health Risks of E- Cigarettes Everyone Should Know

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Smoking is injurious to health! But yet, the use of E-Cigarettes often known as “vapes”, “e-cig”, and “e-hookahs” have become popular among youth of today. Many people had the notion that “vaping” is the commonly used cool term for using E-Cigarettes. It may be a healthier option because it doesn’t contain tar and toxic chemicals. Even more, some people also believe that E-Cigarettes can help in quitting the bad habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, in reality, its consumption has severe health risks to both men and women.

How E-Cigarettes Works?

An electronic device that works by igniting a liquid which evaporates in vapor form. As the person inhales it enters into their lungs. E-Cig are widely used as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. They are super handy and look like USBs, vape pens, and flash drives.

Why It Gains Attraction Among People?

Easy To Breathe

Consuming regular cigarettes can give your lungs a hard time. Specifically, carcinogens like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide block your lungs from clearing themselves out in a normal way. Whereas, E-Cig are free from toxic chemicals so a person can breathe easily.

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More Flavors Option

Another attractive thing about E-Cig is related to the taste buds, as they are available in more than 300 flavors. Many of them are taste like savory food items. E-Cig users thinks that tobacco cigarettes can reduce the sensitivity of your taste buds. Most commonly used flavors in E-Cig includes vanilla, menthol, coffee, chocolate, candy and spices etc.

Improved Oxygen Circulation

Regular cigarettes contain harmful carbon monoxide which replace the normal oxygen functions in the blood. In addition, carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin and thereby prevent the normal oxygen flow in the body.

No More Bad Odor And Ash

E-Cig smoke smells are pleasant and easy to manage. You don’t need ashtray which looks messy in closed spaces like offices, prayer room and libraries.

Easily Affordable

In terms of pricing, E-Cigs are much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. At a cost of 20-50 tobacco cigarettes pack, you can easily purchase 100-110 E-Cigs which makes it super affordable.


4 Major Health Risks of E- Cigarettes

Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Although, E-Cig aerosol has many advantages, we can’t negate the long term health risks of E-cigarettes. Here are the few reasons why we should avoid using E-Cig;

Lung Cancer

E-Cig oils contain various chemicals and heavy metals that are cancerous to lungs. It includes lead, tin, acrolein, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and fine microparticles. According to disease control and prevention center (CDC), Vitamin E acetate are present in THC related vaping products. Vitamin E acetate texture is honey like which can stick with the lungs and cause respiratory problems. E-Cig also includes acrolein (herbicide used to kill weeds) which aggravates asthma and lung cancer. Long term use of E-Cig may develop severe lung infections that can even cause death. If you feel trouble breathing, please consult a pulmonologist. For more details, visit MARHAM.pk.

Brain Injury

E-Cig can also cause serious brain injuries. Nicotine is a hazardous chemical which affect part of the brain control your reflexes, mood, and attention. Lead damage your brain stem cells which are not treatable and promotes neurodegenerative diseases.

Heart Diseases

Nicotine present in E-Cig spikes your blood pressure, raises adrenaline levels which intensify the risk of a heart attack. Recent studies reported that heart attack risk rate was 56% higher among E-Cig users.

Mouth Related Diseases Or Ulcers

Your mouth reflects your body’s overall wellness. Constant smoking develops negative bacteria which affects the oral tissues in your mouth. Nicotine can decrease the blood flow to your gums, and infect the healthy gum tissues.

A Smart Approach!

Remember, E-Cigs are nicotine-based products which are not safe to use. Besides, the health risks of E-Cigarettes is high in pregnant women. Current evidence shows that nicotine can damage baby’s brain and lungs development. According to World Health Organization (WHO) children who expose to their parents smoking may develop a high risk of heart problems in their adulthood compared to non-smoking parents. So, by stopping smoking not only you will protect your health but your loved ones too.
For more information, book online appointment psychologist if you want to quit smoking.

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