Moist Tobacco (Naswar) More Harmful Than Cigarettes

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“Smoking is injurious to health” this quote is very common. But cigarette is the most common habit among youngsters. This is the fact that narcotics are emerging its roots in Pakistan with full swing. If the cigarette is a slow poison than Naswar is more harmful than a cigarette. Naswar is a moist form of tobacco which is further processed with carbon-dioxide. Chewing this form of tobacco can be more harmful because it directly consumed through the mouth.

It not only effects mouth but teeth, throat, and tongue as well. Unlike a cigarette, it can also cause 28 kinds of cancers. Here are some major hazards that can be caused by chewing Naswar. You can also book an appointment with the best Dentist in Pakistan via

Tooth Decay or Loss.

Imagine your life without teeth or a bit cracked tooth. Yes! It’s even hard to imagine. This moist tobacco can decay and lose your teeth.

Moist tobacco
Moist tobacco

Particles in Blood

Smokeless tobacco can leave its particles in blood and it can be harmful. It can cause blood cancer as well. We cannot justify this smokeless tobacco as a better addiction because it is a silent killer. You can also book an appointment with the best Doctor in Lahore via

Brain Damage

It can slowly damage the brain cells. You can lose focus and lagging interest in every field of life. A Naswar consumer can never be progressed much in life.

Moist tobacco
Moist tobacco

Mouth Cancer

What else we can expect from consuming tobacco from the mouth. The first dangerous thing that can happen to its consumer is mouth cancer. Presence of carbon-dioxide result into mouth and blood cancer as well.

Kidney stone. You can also book an appointment with the best Dentist in Islamabad via

When Naswar is chewed its particle can slip down the mouth and reach kidney. This where the real problem starts. It creates kidney stones and further causes kidney failure.

There is no doubt that Naswar does have benefits as well. But we cannot ignore its Hardest harms too.

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