Kidney Pain During Ramzan

I am having kidney pain during most of the time, pain is started during ramzan, it is directly from my both kidneys, not any other symptoms. just have frequent pain in my knee of right leg which got severe if i sit for 1 or 2 hours. the color of my urine turn to dark yellowish during fast let me know the cause of this pain? and if it is because of fasting what should i need to do.. which food or drink is good for it ? i used to take lemu pani with a lil salt in aftari, n have lot of water withing aftari to sehri. i am uploading my test report ( Urine DR, Lipid, Serum Iron, SGPT, Fasting Glucose) kindly look into it and i need your kind advice. Thank You.


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I am sorry to hear that you are facing this trouble in ramzan. Please answer my following questions
1- are you diabetic, hypertensive, or have any history of kidney stones or any other family member who have kidney disease?
2-have you been admitted to hospital before? Using any medications like pain killers excessively? Or any other Hakeem Medications?
3- with this abodominal pain are with you facing any other sypmtoms with like burning, pain while passing urine? What is colour of the Urine?

4. Secondly I would like to know whether you have performed any abdominal ultrasound? If no then please have one ultrasound along with urine r/e, complete Renal function test.

Please do update me for further proceedings?


just take plenty​y of fluids in sehar and aftar. these symptoms are due to dehydrTion. using lemon juice will help alot


labs are ok.lipids are slightly blood in urine. Pain could be due
to kidney or something needs to b examined. Urine gets yellow
during fast.kindly get a good ultrasound done.


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Dehydration and stone diseases are two important causes