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Asking for Other, Male, 44 years old, Karachi


We have a situation in our family where my elder brother's kidney are failing, he is 44 yrs old with A- blood group, and doctors are recommending kidney transplant for him. My youngest brother aged 37 is ready to donate his kidney but he has AB+ blood group, while I have been restricted by my insurance provider from donating, due to my current and potential future health issues due to kidney donation. What are our options in this case and what should be our course of action? Is AB+ blood group not a match for kidney donation to A-?

Appreciate your helpful responses.

Many thanks.

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Look for another donor who is blood group O or A.


Post Owner

THANKS for the reply but I have heard from Dr's that surgery is not allowed if donor is from outside..is that true?

5 years ago


That's true
In some cases kidneys cannot be transplanted with different blood groups but have to undergoe some expensive treatment for few weeks prior to transplant

5 years ago

Nephrologist in Lahore - Dr. Azhar Ali Khan

Dr. Azhar Ali Khan - Nephrologist

MBBS, MD (Nephrology) | Lahore


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Sorry to hear about this. Well, brother can not donate kidney because of blood group mismatch. You have to find someone else in your family with similar blood group or at least having O+ blood group. Then, the process of tissue typing will start. Meanwhile, Health department does not allow kidney to be donated by some one who is not a relative.


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Thank you Dr.

5 years ago

Nephrologist in Lahore - Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal

Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal - Nephrologist

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Blood groups are not compatible
Next to kin option is available once 1st degree blood relatives have a documented evidence that they can't donate


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Thank you Dr

5 years ago

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