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is diagnosed with brain tumor. Report says there is a pituitary lesion identified measuring maximally 2cm in size with some minor mass effect to the optic chiasm and possible extension into the cavernous sinus, particularly on the right side. This likely represent a pituitary macroadenoma / prolactinoma in view of clinical notes. Neurosurgical review is strongly recommended. No further intracranial abnormality is identified. Please tell me is it curable/treatable. Is it going to be be fine with medicine or surgery is the only option.. his prolactin level came really high around 7459. Please tell me in detail. Is it life threatening? Please please please tell me 2cm size is dangerous or curable with medicine?


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It is a very complicated problem related with brain and surgery should be the last choice. If you are interested in Homeopathic Treatment then kindly contact through email at doctorpirzada..(AT) ...Y a h o o ,,(Dot) ...C o m ...or sms at zero triple three five double one two zero nine six
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Dr. Usman Ahmad Kamboh your guidance is needed.


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Most likely we are dealing with prolactinoma which can be treated with medication, however surgery may be offered if it does not respond to medication or if there is progress visual loss or other neurologic symptoms


MBBS, FCPS (Neurosurgery) | Lahore

The high prolactin level indicates that this is a prolactinoma. This tumor poses a risk to vision but its not life threatening. The initial management is to treat it with medication and 90 % patients achieve normalization of prolactin level and visual improvement with medical treatment alone. There is also decrease in tumor size. Of the 10 % patients who are resistant to medical treatment, the tumor can be managed with surgery which is also safe. You will need a formal consultation with a neurosurgeon for treatment planning.

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