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Doctor suggested brain MRI to him because of very high prolactin level. But before MRI his other test reports came. Can you pls tell me if everything is fine. If there is anything wrong what is the solution. How it can be fine. What all are the precautions. 4 years back he was diagnosed with brain tumor but with medicine it was dissolved. Now his prolactin level came really high


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I don't know why but reports which I attached Is not there now.


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From where you are posting your reports? From website, android application or IOS?

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How can I post again now?


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Prolactinoma is a common tumor of pituitary whoch can reoccur and still can be treated.
Kindly get MRI pituitary proyocol as soon as possible and visit nearest Neurosurgeon.
This is mostly not a life threatening condition but van affect vision. The Visual Field defect can even be permanent if treatment delayed.


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High prolactin level shows his prolactinoma is active, he should have been on dopamine agonist, he should have his have mri of brain as well


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