9 Exercises For A Perfect Body

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The primary purpose of going to the gym and spending hours training there is to have a perfect body. There are a few exercises for a perfect body that are the most effective. There are many others that can benefit a person, but these few cannot be left. The fundamental idea of working out is to cater to the important muscles that improve the aesthetics and the core strength. Most people exercise either to lose weight or to build muscle. Both require losing fat and this can be done best by high-intensity cardio exercises for a perfect body.

Exercise is often related to getting into shape but it can also help in staying in shape. Even if you don’t lose weight with exercise, it has benefits beyond that. Exercise not only maintains a healthy body but a sane mind as well. It is important to know that every exercise is not for everyone. Some people might have medical issues that may hinder their ability to exercise properly and for that, they should consult a physiotherapist.

Below we have discussed the important exercises for a perfect body that can help a person in having a perfect body, but if a person has a medical situation, he/she should consult the physiotherapist.

1. Pull up/ Chin up

Exercises For A Perfect Body

It is the most useful exercise because a person lifts his/her body weight. In this, the person has to hang by holding a bar with a close grip, then pull upwards. This exercise focuses on biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest and other important muscle groups. If a person is unable to do pull-ups, try assisted pull-ups. Ask someone to hold the legs and push upwards when the person pulls the body upwards.

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2. Squats

Exercises For A Perfect Body

Squats are best for the lower body to work out. In this, the person has to open the legs to the shoulder length. Then, bend down like sitting on an invisible seat, then stand up. It is important to keep the back straight and breathe in when going down and breathe out when going up. If this exercise becomes easy, try putting weight on the shoulders and repeating the whole process.

3. Push Ups

Exercises For A Perfect Body

There are numerous variations of push-ups, which focus on different muscles. It is better to start with the most common way. Lay down facing towards the floor, only touching the palms of the hand and the toes. The distance between the hands should be shoulder length apart, keeping the back straight. The person has to go down, keeping the composure, and should not touch the chest to the floor, and come back to the initial position. Repeat this, if the person feels easy while doing it, then add weight or try new variations.

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4. Planks

Exercises For A Perfect Body

Planks are best for the core muscles, which are found in the abdomen region of the body. In planks, a person has to face to the ground and stay on the forearms and toes. Then, the individual has to keep the back straight, contract the abs and hip muscles. Stay there for some time, then repeat it. If this exercise becomes easy, then start adding weights on the back, or increasing the timing of the planks.

5. Skipping Rope

Exercises For A Perfect Body

Skipping rope is the best cardio and full-body exercise. Moreover, jumping rope activates every muscle of the body. The person loses fat which is accumulated on the muscles. By, burning the fat, the body looks more chiseled, and the muscles become prominent, which itself is a potent source of motivation. Skipping is also good for the heart, and it is the most efficient cardio, in which a person can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. 

6. Running

Exercises For A Perfect Body

Running leaves you with no excuse to skip exercise. You don’t need proper equipment, a technique, or even a proper workout space. You can run on your lawn, on your road, or in your nearest park. Running is one of the important exercises if your goal is to lose extra fat. It strengthens your muscles and builds your stamina. 

7. Swimming

Exercises For A Perfect Body

If you are pregnant or you have any physical ailment that stops you from other exercises, swimming is your best bet. Swimming has the unique ability to raise your heart rate yet take the stress off of your body. The only reason you can skimp on swimming is that you are hydrophobic. Swimming is sometimes recommended by doctors to improve your knee strength and overall stamina.

8. Lunges

Exercises For A Perfect Body

Challenging your body now and then causes no harm. Lunges are a must if you are looking to build strength and improving your balance. Lunges can help in strengthening and toning your calves, glutes, and hips.

9. Weight lifting

Exercises For A Perfect Body

A common misconception regarding weight listing is that women should not do it as it is for building muscles only. Well, no exercise can build your muscle within days. Weight lifting has benefits that go beyond the scope of muscle-building only. Depending on the weight you are lifting and the posture you are using weight lifting can build core strength. It can also focus on some problem areas. It is important to know that weight lifting won’t break your back if you are a woman. You just have to lift the right weights in the right posture.

The Bottom Line

Although all these exercises for a perfect body are wonderful for your mind and body. But not everyone is made to do all these exercises. It is important to consult a professional so they may advise you on the exercise that suits your body type. Also, the intensity of exercise should depend on your experience. If you are new to the physical fitness world, you should start easy and gradually incorporate tough exercises. If your aim is to lose weight, keep in mind that no exercise can help you do so until you couple it with a proper diet. For that, you will need to consult a nutritionist. 

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