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I have amblyopia issue with my left aye since I was 8 Year old. Since then I get asked from most of well known ophthamologist but could't make any decision either to go for operate or not. Squint in the left eye is about 25 degree. Please do let me know to whom i have to meet with for this kind of issue.


MBBS, FCPS | Islamabad

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At this age the chances of successful surgery are relatively low. you may
have a good alignment of your eyes after surgery for a while but it is very
difficult to say for how long the alignment would be maintained


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This is convergent squint. As per doctor said it get better upto 95% but for how long we could't predict. But after two sugeries it might be corrected. Is there enough chances to get rid with convergent squint or not?

1 year ago


Meet some Orthoptist. Surgery won't help you. Your Orthoptist will decide about the amount of deviation you are getting.


You can get your Squint corrected by surgery but it will be for cosmetic reasons only and amblyopia won’t get any benefit. 25 degree can be corrected by surgery on ur left amblyopia eye so no harm in trying. Chances of recurrence of Squint May be present but with full correction in my experience results are good.


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Vision can't get better , but i want to get my both eye's allign. This is convergent squint. Will it got better enough upto 95% or not?

1 year ago



I think you should better get yourself checked
Please visit heal eye centre by appointment for your checkup and
I think you should avoid surgery of possible


MBBS, DOMS,FCPS (Optha).MSC. Medical Education | Lahore

Asslamo Alyiakum.
dear you must be operated and amblyopia is treatable but it takes a longer
time to recover.
you can visit for proper evaluation and management.

Prof. Muhammad Arshad Mahmood
Head of Ophthalmology Dept.
University college of Medicine
The University of Lahore

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