Dark Circles And Puffiness Around Eyes

I am doctor...doing job as well as studying...i have problem of dark circles around eyes and puffiness..my eyesight is weak i wear glasses...i dont use lens bcz without glasses my dark circles become more prominent and visible... My HB level is 9...


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why Hb of 9?
get that sorted first.


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please get your medical examination.
take proper diet
take proper rest .
Nothing special relevant to Eye.


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Sir i know nothing special about eyes...but i need some suggestions regarding dark circles...?

1 year ago


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The answer to your problem is in your post. Anemia does produce dark
circles and puffiness around eyes. In addition deficiciency of vitamins
like k, B6, B12 and minerals like calcium & magnessium can also be the
culprit. So take care of these deficiencies.
Eat a healthy well balanced diet,esp leafy greens.
Sleep well.